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’90 Day Fiance’ Star Lisa Hamme Warns About Fake Accounts Sending Requests To Follow

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90 Day Fiance star Lisa Hamme got so many people making fake accounts about her that it’s very confusing. Plenty of them flourish on Instagram. Fed up, she asked fans to report a new one that sends out requests for people to follow. As of now, three different accounts claim to be Lisa. One of those, a fan account, got no followers.

90 Day Fiance – Lisa Hamme fed up with fake accounts

On Tuesday, Lisa took to Instagram and warned fans about another fake account. She asked them to please ignore requests and report it as fake. Lots of fans did that. Her caption read, “Fake account report immediately ty.” Actually, Instagram really should verify her account because of the confusion these fake accounts cause. Notably, there’s only one real Lisa Hamme who delivers all the Usman drama. Here’s a list of accounts that don’t belong to Lisa Hamme:

  • baby_girl_lisa2020
  • _baby_girl_lisa_2020_
  • babygrillisa_forever

Note that the real Babygirl Lisa account is baby_girl_lisa_2020. Lisa (the real one) racked up 125k followers. It seems that the fake accounts become a problem for the 90 Day Fiance alum. On one post, she said, “Lord give me strength plz report these fake pages.” Some fans wondered why people make these fake accounts. Instagram says they take these fake accounts very seriously. But sometimes it takes a while to get them down. And then, like mushrooms, they spout up again.

Tips in how to spot a fake Instagram account

Afluencer noted the problem got so bad, that some people even buy fake accounts. One major tip they give involves checking the number of posts, the number of followers, and the account activity. They noted: “This is one of the best indicators that an Instagram account is fake. When you compare the number of followers the account has and the number of posts and stories they’ve shared you’ll notice a very unrealistic scenario. A profile with only 10 posts is very unlikely to have gained 10K followers organically.”

In fact, you can even locate and download an app that checks it out for you. Sometimes people send out follow requests to fans who already follow stars from 90 Day Fiance and other shows. But why do that? If they get followers and sell it on, that’s only one way fake accounts become a problem. Sometimes, they grow a following and then set up a Gofundme where they request money. Or, they may share how they need cash for something. If you send money to Lisa Hamme on a fake account, you get no recourse.

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Fake account report immediately ty

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Businesses who pay influencers money also might get ripped off by fake accounts. So, it’s no wonder that Lisa hunts down and reports those fake accounts. You can help by becoming suspicious if you get a follow request from a celeb you already follow. In fact, the best thing would be to check with the reality TV star and let them know about it.

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