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Todd Chrisley’s Son Kyle Spends Time With Chloe, See Photo

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As Chrisley Knows Best fans watch Todd and Julie raise their granddaughter Chloe, one of the biggest questions they ask is simple: does Kyle spend any time with Chloe? Here’s everything we know about the unusual dynamics of this family. And, an answer to the question above.

Why does Chloe Chrisley live with her grandparents and not Kyle?

Now, if you are not up to date on the family dynamics you are probably confused. Why does Chloe live with Todd and Julie in the first place? Why does Kyle have his daughter? Did something happen? While the dynamics are a little confusing… There isn’t some intense drama or scandal behind the reasoning. Kyle Chrisley was having a hard time with his life. Between struggling with addition and mental health, he was not able to be the father Chloe needed.

So, what did Kyle Chrisley do? Well, he did the best thing a father could do for his daughter. He agreed to give custody to his parents Julie and Todd. Kyle knew they would take care of Chloe. He knew they would provide her with the life he couldn’t.

The truth of the matter is Kyle Chrisley gave his daughter to his parents because he loves her. And, because he loves himself. He understood he would not be able to tend to his own health or his own problems while raising a child. Todd and Julie Chrisley agreed.

Some Chrisley Knows Best fans take issue with the family dynamics.

Now, there are some fans of the series that do not like Todd and Julie raising Chloe. At least, they do not care for the way in which they raise her. Why? Well, this is because Chloe refers to Todd and Julie as her mother and father. Some fans believe this just confuses the child as they are her grandparents. These fans do not think Todd and Julie should not be raising her. They just believe Chloe needs to properly refer to Todd and Julie as her grandparents.

Moreover, they do not care for her referring to Savannah, Chase, or Grayson as her siblings when they are actually her aunt and uncles.

Todd, Julie, and Kyle have made it clear the ball is in Chloe’s court. She can refer to her family dynamics however she feels most comfortable. They will not force her one way or the other. And, Todd (nor any members of his family) have ever taken too kindly to the unsolicited advice of a fan.

Turns out Kyle and Chloe do spend some time together.

Because of COVID-19 and Todd getting the virus, it is possible Kyle Chrisley was not really able to see his family for a few months. But, it looks like that may have changed. Kyle Chrisley recently shared a photo that confirmed he does see his daughter from time to time.

Hitting his profile two days ago, the photo featured a Kyle Chrisley all smiles with Chloe happily sitting in front of him. Chloe also had a huge smile on her face. Fans noticed the duo looked like twins. She was clearly the spitting image of her father.

In the caption of the photo, Kyle gushed that Chloe was the “cutest thing you’ve ever seen.” In the comments, his followers agree. Many were thrilled to see a photo featuring the pairing.

So, are you happy to see Kyle spending time with Chloe? Tell us about it in the comments!

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