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‘BiP’ Alum Jade Roper Tanner Speculates On The Color Of Her New Baby’s Eyes

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BiP fans know that Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper both have brown-colored eyes. But for some reason, the kids both came with beautiful light blue eyes. On Monday, July 20, Jade speculated on the color of her new baby’s eyes. Of course, that made for a rather interesting discussion amongst her fans on Instagram.

BiP – Jade shares charming pictures of her two kids Emmy and Brooks

Emmy and Brooks share very similar looks. Both of them have beautiful rose-blonde hair. And, they both look into the camera with amazing blue eyes. In her post showing two separate photos, Jade speculated about whether her new baby comes with blue eyes as well. We reported on July 15, that Jade and Tanner announced the gender of their new baby on the way. In fact, it’s a boy, and they are delighted.

Bachelor in Paradise fans adore the two photos of the kids. Now, the ABC star gives some thought as to where she should frame and hang them. Actually, fans like the photos so much, that some of them asked if they could frame and hang them as well. One person, thinking it a “bit weird,” wondered if that’s okay. Well, Jade said that she feels it’s not at all weird. One BiP fan suggested two long photos framed separately, “hanging side by side” in the hallway. Actually, Jade seems rather keen on that idea.

Speculation on the color of eyes

Jade thinks that perhaps her new baby also comes along with blue eyes. Some fans pointed out that kids “born with blue eyes,” often later change to “hazel.” Others wonder where the blue comes from. After all, neither Tanner nor Jade have blue eyes. But, one thing about Instagram, someone somewhere always knows something. This time, a follower explained. They said, “since you have kids with blue eyes, that means that you carry a blue gene and a brown gene, the brown being dominant is why your eyes are brown.”

Then, the helpful BiP fan mentioned, “Your husband must have 2 blue genes in order to have blue eyes. So basically if you pass your blue gene the baby has blue eyes.” They added, or, “if you pass your brown gene the baby has brown, so it’s a 50/50 chance of either.” All About Vision notes that “the parents’ genes can mix and match in many different ways. The influences from each parent aren’t known until after the child is born.” But, more often if both parents have brown eyes, the kids end up with brown eyes as well.

The outlet also notes though, that kids born with blue eyes may slowly change color as they grow older. Did you or your children ever experience that? Sound off in the comments below.

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