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‘7th Heaven’ Star Beverley Mitchell Suffered Severe C-Section Complications

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Sunday 7th Heaven star Beverley Mitchell announced the birth of her third baby. She and husband Michael Cameron welcomed their new daughter during the second week of July. Now, Beverley is talking about her difficult recovery following a c-section. Apparently, Beverley suffered complications causing her to lose a lot of blood.

Beverley suffered complications during c-section

US Weekly shared details about the complications Beverley faced following the birth of her daughter. During surgery, Beverley lost a lot of blood. She said, “It’s been a bit of a difficult recovery.” She continued, “We had complications in surgery. It’s just been slow and steady. I lost a lot of blood, but I had amazing doctors. I was at a great hospital, and they took great care of me. It’s a slow and steady process to recover.”

Beverley knew she would be having a c-section with her third baby. She shared previously that she was high risk and the doctors were taking precautions to keep her and her baby safe. She said, “They’re actually fearful of me rupturing so they have to deliver me before I even get close to my due date. I’m actually not allowed to go into contractions or anything. It’s a little scary, but I think that’s why they are extra cautious. So they’ll take me at 37 weeks.”

With recovery being slower, Beverley is not able to play as much with her two other children. Their newest daughter joins older siblings, Hutton and Kenzie. The actress reports they are so in love with their new sister. She said, “Kenzie already reads books to her every night, and Mayzel will actually wake up and, like, stare at Kenzie while she reads. Hutton just attacks her and just has to be in her face all the time, because he literally will not stop giving her kisses.”

The birth announcement

Beverley announced their daughter’s birth on Sunday. Mayzel is precious and completes their family of now 5. Mayzel or Mayzie as they plan on calling her, is Beverley’s rainbow baby. She suffered through miscarrying twins in 2018. She and Michael were not putting pressure on themselves to conceive following their loss. They decided if it is meant to be it will be. It was and she is here.

Beverley shared adorable photos on Instagram of her new daughter. She also shared a photo of featuring all 5 of them. She has a beautiful family and is feeling blessed. Congrats to her and her family on their precious new baby.

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