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‘7 Little Johnstons’: Trent Starts A New Project With A Fallen Oak Tree

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7 Little Johnstons fans know that Trent always keeps himself busy. Known as “Mr. Fixit” at work, he also takes his skills to the home. His family really appreciates it and described him as “the hardest-working” man of the house on his birthday. Now, he took on a new project with a fallen oak tree. It looks like the end product promises a marvelous addition to the house.

7 Little Johnstons – Trent reworks a fallen oak

On Sunday this week, Trent took to his Instagram and shared a photo of a huge chunk of oak. He said in his caption that he begins to work on it. The hashtags told his fans that the oak fell down. And, he plans on making a DIY coffee table. Trent, as his fans from the TLC show knows, stands at 4’3 high. So, it’s quite hard to gauge the height of the table. But it’s really a big piece of tree. And, the family can use a big coffee table.

Those who don’t watch the 7 Little Johnstons might not know that Trent and Amber raise five kids. Two of them, Jonah and Elizabeth, are their biological kids. Plus, they adopted Anna, Alex, and Emma. The new furniture looks like a challenge. But, Trent keeps all the tools he needs at home. Always keeping himself busy, Trent definitely shows a knack for making almost anything. Oak, a popular wood for furniture brings a lovely color and grain. Hopefully, when he competes it the TLC star will share some photos.

Fans love that Trent works with his hands

Distractify reminds readers that Trent holds down a day job apart from the show. His Linkedin profile describes him as “a grounds supervisor at a local college in his family’s hometown, Forsyth, Georgia.” Fans also know if Amber or the kids need something done, he puts up his hand and gets to work. Fans love that he fixes things around the house, or settles in and takes on challenging projects for their home.

On Instagram, many fans of 7 Little Johnstons really hope he shares the finished product. One fan asked, “Will you put wheels on it? It’s so big I bet it weighs a TON! Going to be just beautiful!❤️.” Another person commented, “That’s going to be fabulous when it’s done! Can’t wait to see the finished project.” And then, imagining the outcome, another fan wrote, “Whoa! It’s going to be awesome!!!.”

Trent’s all prepared for the oak coffee table project

Trent knows about working safely. In his photo, he wore his ear mufflers. Plus, he accumulated all the tools necessary. In fact, lots of light, a fan, and a neat and tidy workspace ensure a good job done.

Perhaps one day, fans will see the finished product in one of the 7 little Johnstons episodes? He and Amber often sit down over a coffee with the kids as they chat about their new choices and challenges in life.

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