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‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown Stuns In Wedding Gown Photo

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Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown is simply gorgeous. And, her latest post on Instagram has fans buzzing about how amazing she looks. In the photo on Instagram Hannah is stunning in a white wedding gown. Find out all the details below.

Hannah stuns in wedding dress

The beauty queen is not even dating anyone currently, but when she finds the one she will be a beautiful bride. She proved it with her latest Instagram post. Hannah is standing in a tall cornfield wearing a two piece wedding gown. The top part of the gown looks almost like a crop top, but with elegant white satin. The bottom part of the dress features a high waist band that fits her form perfectly. The rest of the gown is full and elegant. The outfit is completed by an almost pepper shaped white earring.

Hannah’s makeup is perfect with mauve lips and pink cheeks. She isn’t smiling in the photo, but rather gazing at the camera. Her arms are outstretched as if she’s holding onto the cornstalks.

Her caption is priceless. Hannah said, “Practicing for my future walk down the aisle. Not sure that day will take place in a cornfield, but I’ll just be here briding my time until then. 🤷🏼‍♀️.”

Followers and fellow Bachelor alum pals praised how awesome she looks in the gown. Many told her how stunning she is.

She recently talked about the importance of home

While Hannah isn’t dating, she is learning the importance of home and what that means to her. Hannah shared she is learning what home really means. She shared a photo of herself in a pretty dress smiling happily into the distance. She said, “More so, I’m thankful for what I’m realizing home truly is. Home is not the town. It’s not the four walls. Those physical things aren’t the reason we take a deep breath and feel settled and safe again. What makes something feel like home… is the people that make you feel settled and safe. The people that hear that deep breath and know they need to run to you with a big hug, or take a minute to help you process while you ramble off thoughts. And they can be anywhere.”

And she continued on saying how to find these people who make one feel like they are home. She said, “Look for the ones that can sit with you in the middle of your messy life. The ones that don’t point out the dirty dishes or the piles of unfolded laundry. Instead they just plop down next to you and say, ‘my life is pretty messy too… but while I’m here, wanna clean up together?'”

Hannah admitted recently she’s been brought to her knees. And by knees she said “full frontal face plant.” But, she knows there are better times coming. She said, “I’m more than where I’ve been… and I can be more than where I’ve come from. I’m thankful for my people who love me just where I’m at, that’s home to me.”

Stay tuned for more information on Hannah and all your favorite Bachelor stars.

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