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Lisa Rinna Shares Seems Uncaring About Critics After Sharing Another Photo Sans Clothing

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Lisa Rinna seems obsessed with sharing photos of herself wearing hardly anything at all. For the third time in 30 days, she shared sets of photos sans clothing. While they might reveal professional shoots, many fans think it a bit off that she posts them to social media. But, she seems uncaring about critics.

Lisa Rinna shares an unclothed photo on her birthday

We reported on June 19, that Lisa shared a set of photos that showed she only wore sunglasses. That came from a shoot the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star did for Christian Cowan X Le Specs sunglasses. Critics slammed her for it because of her daughters. In fact, they mainly felt concerned about Delilah Belle and Amelia. One person said to Delilah, “please don’t let your Mom do this again. She is way too old to be an advertisement for anorexia.'”

But, unworried, Lisa Rinna then shared another photo on July 10 showing her daughter Amelia posing with just a bag. Amelia shared the same photo on her Instagram and fans slammed Lisa for setting that example. On her birthday, Lisa Rinna shared another photo. This time she posted up a throwback photo she did for Playboy. Naturally, fans once again slammed the Bravo star for posting these things that most moms simply wouldn’t want their daughters to see.

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Gonna need to expand my bag collection…

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Lisa seems uncaring about critics

One person responded to the birthday photo. They wrote, “you have daughters. Seriously. Why?” Another one told Lisa there’s something “wrong” with her. Lisa merely replied with “Yes, and…” A lot of people think she sets a bad example for her kids and other kids. But actually, as one person pointed out, her children are not babies. After all, One is 22-years-old and the other’s already 19. Meanwhile, others think Lisa encourages teens when it comes to anorexia.

Calling her a “role model,” critics think Lisa should rather stay away from posting those photos. US Weekly noted that her own daughters seem fine with it. Delilah called her mom “the best” in one of her posts. Delilah also noted that Lisa’s a “crazy woman,” but nevertheless she taught her the “best lessons” in life. Meanwhile, Amelia commented, “Thank you for teaching us how to be confident, and always love yourself.” She also told Lisa Rinna, “Thank you for teaching me that kindness is the most attractive trait. Thank you for being you.”

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Birthday Suit 🎂

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Many fans think that critics should just shut up. After all, they think that not wearing clothes reveals just what people were born with. They defend Lisa because they believe that the Bravo star has a right to share any photo she chooses. Others think it’s wonderful that despite being a bit older, she feels confident to flaunt a well-toned body. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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