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Fans & Critics Are SHOCKED By What Jana Duggar Has Been Hiding

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Does Counting On star Jana Duggar have a permit to carry those guns? That’s the current joke going around both those who love and those who love to hate the Duggar family. Turns out, Jana Duggar has been hiding a pretty impressive physical feature from everyone!

Jana Duggar recently showed some skin, fans are shocked

Counting On star Jana Duggar isn’t a member of the family that frequently makes media headlines. As we’ve previously reported, she’s living her best life. She reports on social media that she’s happy. She’s happy being single. And, she’s happy living with her parents.

Now, her latest Instagram activity has the Duggar fan base (as well as the Duggar snark community) talking. Did she recently go on a trip without her usual chaperone? However, as it turns out, that isn’t the only thing both fans and critics are buzzing out. Perhaps Jana was feeling 30 and flirty because she opted to show off some serious skin in her latest Instagram snap. (And, no one is complaining!)

The trending photo features Jana Duggar rocking a thin t-shirt with black and white stripes. While the shirt does have sleeves, Jana opted to roll them up. So, it looked as if she was rocking a sleeveless top.

Now, those who follow this TLC family know wearing a sleeveless shirt is frowned upon by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. It isn’t considered modest. This certainly isn’t the type of attire they would want one of their unmarried girls to wear.

Jim Bob and Michelle believe the female body is a gift. A gift that should be wrapped up until she is married. At this time, her husband gets to unwrap the gift that has been waiting and wrapped especially for him.

So, seeing Jana Duggar showing so much skin was certainly surprising to both fans and critics.

The reality TV personality has surprisingly muscular arms.

Both fans and critics were shocked. Why? Well, take a good look at her arms in the photo below. They weren’t just shocked that she was flaunting her arms. They were shocked by how incredible they looked.

Jana Duggar is packing some serious guns! And, both Duggar fans and critics were here for it. Unsurprisingly, many cracked jokes wondering if she had a permit to carry those guns around.

“Look at those muscles. Yeowza.” One fan penned in the comments.

Another agreed: “I was gonna say the same!!”

“Dang you got some guns!” A third added.

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Who else loves fresh coconut?? 🥥 #summer

A post shared by Jana Duggar (@janamduggar) on

How did Jana Duggar get so buff?

And, where did she get those guns? In the comments on her Instagram, one noted that Jana does a lot of hard work renovating homes and gardening. So, her guns aren’t that surprising.

On Reddit, Duggar snarks got in on the chatter. They, unfortunately, did have some negative ideas on where she got those muscular arms. Here’s what they had to say.

  • “From lifting all those brother-sons and sister-daughters.”
  • “People often get ripped in prison, right?”
  • “It must fill her days up… babysitting, lifting weights, more babysitting….”

One Duggar snark, however, admits they are “here for” a bodybuilding Jana Duggar.

Did you find Jana Duggar’s guns surprising? Tell us about it in the comments!

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