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’90 Day Fiance’: Maxwell Jessen Breaks A Long Instagram Silence

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90 Day Fiance fans simply fell in love with Michael Jessen’s son Maxwell. They loved him for his maturity and his cool, calm head. Many fans felt he displayed more common sense than the entire TLC cast. A wise young man, they felt terribly sad when they heard his mom, Sarah reported surgeons found aggressive breast cancer. Maybe that’s why he went quiet on Instagram for so long. But, he broke his silence by sharing a photo on July 15.

90 Day Fiance fans missed Maxwell Jessen on Instagram

If you missed the show that brought Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio, you missed some very wise words from young Maxwell. Even after the show, his dad continued sharing some of his wise words. We reported in  December, that Michael Jessen posted about something Max said to a fan. The fan asked, “What advice do you have for a 28-year-old. What would you tell your daughter?” Max replied, saying, “Well, I’ve never been 28, but I would say just be polite to people.” And, that politeness in the show brought many fans to the young man’s social media.

Maxwell posted regularly on his Instagram. He shared through the filming and onward. He shared about his mom Sarah marrying again. Michael shared pictures of himself with Juliana and his dad. He shared about cutting his head open and needing stitches. The young 90 Day Fiance star shared stuff right through to May 4. That last post showed him in quarantine. He shared a photo of himself with his cute little dog. But, he started tapering off a bit in March when his mom shared her bad news cancer diagnosis.

Fans happy that Maxwell posted on Instagram again

After his 10-week silence, Maxwell shared a photo of himself. He didn’t put any caption on it. But fans quickly responded to him. Here’s what some of this 90 Day Fiance fan said to him:

  • “Max, you are such a very bright and personable young man! I love to watch you and your sister together! Your parents are blessed indeed! Don’t ever let the influences of this world change the wonderful person that you are, Max! “
  • “Gorgeous on the inside too! Plain to see! Great job mom and dad!”
  • “You’re so smart and funny.”
  • “Such a cute little gentleman 👍.”
  • “You look great! Hope you are doing well during this pandemic. ❤️.”
  • “Hey Max! How is your summer?”

The young 90 Day Fiance star never replied to his fans. But hopefully, he starts interacting again soon. In the meantime, his mom shares about the kids, Michael and Juliana, and her new husband. In a touching video on May 12, she posted up a video showing all of them enjoying each other’s company. Actually, they all quarantined together. No wonder young Maxwell developed such great ethics. She didn’t update on her cancer yet, but fans hope for Maxwell and his family that all goes well.

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