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’90 Day Fiance’: Jesse Meester Starts New Only Fans Account

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90 Day Fiance stars make their own Only Fans accounts these days. Some of them say they get trolled too much on Instagram. But, they also make money from subscriptions. And, bloggers can’t really steal their posts so easily. Jesse Meester just announced his new account and promises exclusive content and behind the scenes stuff. But, he cautions people about screenshotting things. The legal team stands by ready on copyright issues.

90 Day Fiance – Jesse Meester Fans Only account subscription

Naturally, copyright, legal teams, and threats mean that Jesse won’t get so much blogger coverage. Actually, it seems a bit self-defeating, in a way. After all, if bloggers don’t cover them, who would? After all, mainstream media seldom writes up small-time reality TV stars. Anyway, for the privilege of seeing content on Jesse’s Only Fans account, you should fork out $25 per month. He promised the conte nt differs from Patreon and other social media platforms.

Jesse said he timed the new account announcement with “National N*de Day.” On Twitter, he announced “a 7-day FREE trial for the first 20 subscribers.” Judging by the comments, tens of thousands of fans seem singularly unimpressed. So far, only two people liked the post and only two commented. One 90 Day Fiance fan said, “eye roll.” Meanwhile, Blogger John Yates screenshot something he posted about it as well. On his post about the Only Fans account, more people commented about it.

Fans comment about Jesse Meester on John Yates’ account

Jesse lost a lot of fans when he claimed that Darcey Silva used men for reality TV fame. After all, he made some mileage on the TLC show as well. In June, “TLC announced that she will star in her own spin-off series with her twin sister, Stacey Silva,'” we reported. Jesse shot back with, “She only had to use, abuse and manipulate 5 guys to get what she wanted all along from the network.”‘ So, critics slam him when news comes out.

90 Day Fiance critics on John Yates’ Instagram noted:

  • “No thanks. I’d rather set $25 on fire 🔥.”
  • “Oh god … this is just sad. Jesse if ur watching this, this seems desperate amigo.”
  • “No one’s gonna pay for that.”
  • “I guess his giving love advice to senior citizens is not paying the bills.”
  • “I’d rather milk a cow. 😬😩🥵.”
  •  “I saw way more than enough of Jesse when he was on TV I sure don’t need to pay to see his overinflated ego or his overexposed nipples.”
  • “Lemme continue to let my $25 burn a hole on my pocket. #ThanksButNoThanks.”

Over on his OnlyFans account, Jesse posted, “Do you like Spa days as much as I do?” Now you can join in the conversation for only $63.75 as the subscription to the 90 Day Fiance alum’s account comes with a 15 percent discount for three months at the moment.

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