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‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tilford Shares Plans For Baby No. 2

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Hailey Tilford, a teen mom from TLC’s Unexpected, is considering adding to her family. The young woman talks about having a second baby.

Who is Hailey Tilford from Unexpected?

Hailey Tilford, better known as Hailey 2, was previously on TLC’s Unexpected. Fans may recall that Hailey 2 was friends with Hailey Tomlinson, who’s known as Hailey 1. Hailey 1 was dating Matthew Blevins at the time. Matthew and Hailey 1 had a baby girl together. Then, while Hailey 1 and Matthew were technically together, he hooked up with Hailey 2 and got her pregnant too.

Now, both teen mothers have moved on from Matthew. But, now it seems like Hailey 2 is ready for a second baby.

Hailey welcomed her son, Levi, to the world in April. While Matthew refuses to be in either of the women’s lives, Hailey 2’s good friend Cole has started to play a role in Levi’s life. It seems like things are going well for the young couple.

Hailey Tilford wants another baby

In an Instagram Q&A session over the weekend, the Unexpected star answered questions from her social media followers. One fan asked, “Do you plan on having more babies? Is so how much of an age difference would you want?”

In response, Hailey wrote, “We want another one in about a year.”

Another fan asked, “Does Cole want a baby too ? Like its been decided as a couple to have one in another year?” Further clarifying her statement, Hailey writes, “Yes we have talked about it as a couple and agreed we want one in about a year.”

One other Unexpected fan asked a similar question. They asked, “How’s does Coles family feel about him being with a young mom? You guys are so cute!” Hailey reassured her followers that, “They love me and Levi so much.”

Only time will tell whether Hailey and Cole end up growing their little family. Based on Hailey’s responses, it sounds like their relationship is going strong.

Unexpected star Hailey Tilford recently asked for donations

As TV Shows Ace reported, Hailey started a Go Fund Me for herself. The young mom revealed that she needed the money to help pay for her upcoming move. Despite needing this financial assistance, Hailey’s still interested in having a baby soon enough.

So, what do you think about Hailey preparing to have another baby? Share your thoughts below.

Unexpected should be returning to TLC later this summer, but be prepared for changes due to the coronavirus. Hailey Tilford will not be returning to the show.

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