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‘MAFS’ Jamie Otis Honors Son Jonathan’s 4th Birthday In Heaven

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Married at First Sight and Bachelor alum Jamie Otis is honoring her late son. She lost him four years ago when he was born prematurely at 17 weeks. Now, she is remembering Jonathan Edward Hehner as he celebrates his fourth birthday in heaven.

Jamie honors Jonathan as he turns 4 in heaven

She went to Instagram to share her story about her son. She shared heartbreaking photos of the only time she held her baby boy. Along with that photo were photos of her pregnant. One standing with Doug, the other with parents. Baby shoes were held by Doug at her stomach as he kissed her head.

Jamie said, “Our angel baby Johnathan turns 4 in heaven today.👼🏼💙 After four years you’d think it wouldn’t hurt as much. Time has numbed some of the pain, but anyone who assumes it can go away entirely must not know what it’s like to deliver your lifeless son & hold him in your arms knowing your body failed him and didn’t nurture & protect him to his due date.😢⁣.”

She went on to say, she will never forget the first time she saw him. Jamie recalls him looking “bruised and beaten up” from enduring an early delivery.

She longs to hold him again

Jamie went on to say, “As a mommy all you want to do is protect your baby and make sure they’re happy and loved, but I will never get the chance to soothe my sweet Johnathan’s cry by rocking him to sleep at night, or kiss his boo-boos “all better”, or cuddle up to him when he sees a monster under the bed. I’ll never get to be a “normal” mommy for him. The only mommy I can be is one who honors him, remembers him, and continues to *love* him from earth🙏🏻👶🏼💙⁣.”

She goes on to address haters who say she should be over her loss. Jamie says, “But please, let ME say his name, share his photos & keep his memory alive. This is the only way I can be his mommy. His life may have been short, but he existed & I cant just forget him and “move on.”🙏🏻⁣.”

Jamie encouraged other families who have a lost a baby to remember, love and honor them. She asked they do what they want and don’t worry about judgement from others. Jamie has always shared that she feels Jonathan near her. She has signs that remind her he’s never far from her in spirit.

She concluded her post saying, “I shared this last year on his birthday⁣
& I still feel the exact same way, except this year I have so much more hope that he’s here with us in spirit—he sends so many signs!👼🏼🌈⁣🙏.”

Jamie has always tried to bring awareness to miscarriage. She listed the statistic of 1 in 4. Jamie and Doug have since been blessed with two beautiful children. And, both of her babies have been rainbow babies. That means they were both conceived following a loss.

Happy Birthday Jonathan.


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