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‘Welcome To Plathville’ Star Olivia Plath Talks About Kids And Marriage

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Olivia Plath of Welcome to Plathville is pretty active on social media. After just one season of the TLC show, Olivia has racked up an impressive 81,000 followers on Instagram. Plus, Olivia recently saw a spike in her follower count due to the show becoming available to stream on Hulu. With so many followers, Olivia often faces a lot of criticism. It’s part of being in the public eye, unfortunately, but Olivia realizes that. She recently talked about it on social media. In particular, she asks those criticizing her not to criticize her photography clients.

Now, Olivia is continuing to be active on social media, despite the criticism she often gets. She’s also very open with her followers on social media.

So, in her Instagram stories, she gave her followers a chance to ask her questions. And she decided to answer a few of them. Because Olivia has so many followers, it’s likely that she received a lot of questions. So, it wasn’t possible for her to get to all of them.

Welcome to Plathville star Olivia Plath answers fans’ questions

Fans of the show asked Olivia all kinds of questions. One fan wanted to know how Olivia deals with stress. To that, she says that travel is the way that she chooses to relieve stress, but she realizes that that response sounds “extra.” Playing the piano, walking, and working out also help the Welcome to Plathville star relieve stress. As far as movies go, Olivia loves classic movies.

Another fan asks about Olivia’s siblings and if she’s still close to them. She says she has nine siblings and that most of them live in Virginia, which is where she’s originally from. She says that she doesn’t see her siblings very often.

Olivia mentions family and marriage

When asked about doing a Q&A about her marriage to Ethan Plath, Olivia gets really honest. She explains, “We’re not ready. We were stuck in some really toxic and traumatic situations our first year of marriage, and we’re still healing from that. We’re still learning how to put each other first, and we’re still working on it.”

The next Welcome to Plathville fan asks, “When are y’all having babies?” First, Olivia shares that this is the most-asked question she receives whenever she posts a question box on her Instagram stories. It seems like fans are eager to hear the latest news about Ethan and Olivia’s family. Right now, the couple doesn’t have any kids.

Olivia says, “And the answer is, I don’t know. Not yet. I’m not ready. Someday.”

You can watch the whole Q&A video here. Olivia also discusses photography, mental health, weddings, and more.

So, what do you think of Olivia’s newest Instagram stories? Share your thoughts below.

Welcome to Plathville is currently filming Season 2. Check back for the latest updates on the show’s return to TLC.

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