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Cameron And Lauren Speed Hamilton Of ‘Love Is Blind’ Return To Where It All Began!

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Cameron and Lauren Speed Hamilton decided to go back to the place where their love first blossomed. The couple, who met sight unseen and fell for each other on Love Is Blind, decided to head back to the resort the contestants went to once they were engaged. The show, which aired on Netflix, explored if love would bloom, sight unseen. All the contestants spoke with one another in isolated pods. Many popped the question without ever seeing the other person.

Fan favorites Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton fell in love quickly. The two are one of the only couples still married from the show. They went back to the Grand Velas Riviera Maya resort in Playa Del Carmen.

The two have continued to make fans laugh with a quarantine show on Youtube and by keeping them updated on social media. Cameron posted, “we are back in the @grandvelasmaya – the resort where we had our ‘proposalmoon’ after we got engaged on #loveisblind.”

Both Cameron And Lauren Speed Hamilton Say They’re Being Safe

Cameron made sure to let fans know they are, “maintaining our social distance, wearing masks, and sanitizing. The lovely staff here is meticulously doing the same.” Lauren Speed Hamilton agreed, saying the same thing about the staff’s safety measures.

According to People, Lauren Speed Hamilton said, “I’m taking a couple days to really breathe and give my soul a little R&R.” She also said she was very happy to be back to where everything started for them. She said, “at the end of the day. Your life is yours to live. Do more of what makes you happy.” Travel is restricted in most places but Mexico has left their airports open. Fans asked them if they had any protocols they had to follow. Lauren said, “yes we did paperwork to travel as well as temp checks at our stay.”

Matt Barnett And Kenny Barnes Commented On Their Trip

Of course, some of their costars commented on their return to the resort. Matt Barnett, half of the other couple still together said, “We are going back hopefully too!” Matt is speaking of bringing Amber Pike. The two of them met on the show as well and remain happy. Kenny Barnes also commented saying, “too cool. Know y’all will enjoy the well-deserved rest and relaxation.” Kenny wasn’t successful on the show in love but was entertaining to watch.

In true Matt Barnett fashion, he also threw some shade at Cameron. He said, “is that beach haunted, because I think I just spotted a ghost. I’d barely be able to see you if it weren’t for that glorious chest of hair.” Fans of the show continue to follow along with the Hamiltons’ happy life.

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