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Todd Chrisley Tells Off Troll For Commenting On Chase And His Girlfriend

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Todd Chrisley got a reputation for not mincing his words with trolls on his Instagram. Wise in the ways of trolls, he puts them down fast and very directly. This time, it came on a photo he shared of his son Chase and his girlfriend. The Chrisley Knows Best star got more than one troll, but the one who first trolled got told off with minimal words.

Todd Chrisley gets sharp with trolls on Instagram

On Saturday, Todd took to his Instagram and shared a photo of Chase and his girlfriend. She looks very beautiful. Certainly, the couple looks very handsome together. Todd captioned it with, “Now this folks just places a bigger smile on my face than it does these two beauties .. love you both.” He also tagged Emmy Medders in the post. Many fans loved the photo and lots of them love that Todd shared the lovely photo.

But, a troll started in on Todd Chrisley. They wrote, “you kinda post too much about your grown son and his new gF. It’s creepy.
Lol you act like he never had a GF before and are glad he’s not g*y 🤷‍♀️.” Todd shot back with a simple but strong message. He replied, “stfu.” Not content at leaving the conversation, the troll then accused him of being “a fake Christian.” Encouraged, another troll stepped in and told him he’s  “all kinds of crazy!” That troll went off about Kyle and his daughter Chloe. No wonder then, that Todd so closely monitors Grayson’s Instagram account.

Instagram haters on Chrisley accounts

For a family that brings lots of laughter to television with their show, it’s amazing how many people troll on them. Todd got dealing with trolls down to a fine art. But for the younger members of the family, it might not be so easy. We reported that Grayson just got his account going again. The profile clearly states that Todd manages his son’s account very closely. With the ugly trolls that fans see on his own Instagram, likely Grayson’s dad stands by ready to put a stop to any trolling on Grayson’s page.

Todd Chrisley and his daughter Lindsie Chrisley remain estranged. When Todd got diagnosed with the coronavirus, E!News reported that someone sent Lindsie a message. They celebrated the fact that the “good guys win.” Despite her differences with her dad, she slammed people who say that kind of thing. It certainly sounds like Todd’s daughter also quickly learned how to deal with trolls. Still, it seems a shame that these days trolls spread so much pain and misery. As if COVID-19 isn’t already ugly enough.

What do you think about the Chrisley Knows Best family getting so many trolls? Sound off in the comments below.

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