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Jeremy Roloff Claps Back At Trolls & It’s HILARIOUS

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As Instagram knows, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have recently been working on restoring an older vehicle. It was a van they had when they started dating. While there is no denying the vehicle is neat, fans were not here for Jeremy and Audrey taking it for an unsafe cruise.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff took Ember for a ride

According to the lengthy video on Jeremy’s Instagram profile, they took their work in progress for a cruise. They described it as an “adventure.” They video featured their daughter Ember sitting in a seat in the back of the van while it was clearly in motion. And, their Instagram followers were NOT happy about it.

  • “Where is her seatbelt! Better yet where is her car seat?!?”
  • “Car seat? Seat belt?”
  • “I’m sorry to be one of ‘those parents’…. but is she even buckled up???!!!!??? For her age and height she should really be in a car seat/booster seat!”
  • “Where is her car seat or seat belt? Shame on you.”
  • “Seatbelt most car accidents happen near home ime shocked because you are such hood parents and I know you love them so much. So seatbelts. Grandpa is the same with Jackson in his car when their out on the grounds. “

Now, about a day after Jeremy posted the video on his profile… He returned to the comments. Returned to clap back at the trolls and criticism running rampant.

He gives the ‘Karens’ in his comments the number of his manager.

After receiving a massive amount of negativity in the comments… Jeremy decided he had a message for his Instagram trolls. “For all wondering, here is the managers phone number: 202.225.4965.” He penned in a comment his followers have liked several hundred times.

Many responded to the comment praising him for having such a classy comeback. Some questioned if any of the “Karens” in his comments would actually call the number to complain.

Now, if you are wondering what the number he left in the comments was a quick Google search would yield the answer. Turns out, the number is how you get in touch with the office of Nancy Pelosi. Unsurprisingly, his supporters found the response even more HILARIOUS when they realized what number he gave out.

He had a lot of followers quick to defend him and his wife.

Many of his followers told the trolls they shouldn’t follow him on Instagram if they had nothing nice to say. Some noted they were clearly going through a slow drive in the field on their property. Ember likely wasn’t in any danger. A few added that her mother was clearly right beside her in the seat.

Overall, neither Jeremy Roloff or his supporters seemed to care what the critics had to say.

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