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‘Bachelor’ Nation Freaked When Chris Harrison Said He Couldn’t Find Alex Michel

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A lost Bachelor is big news. Fans lost it when Chris Harrison recently revealed he couldn’t get in touch with the first guy to ever give out the roses, Alex Michel. During The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever! he updated fans on the life of the first ever winner, Amanda Marsh. That update revealed her happy engagement.

When it came to revealing information about Alec, who was the first Bachelor in 2002, Chris shocked fans. “For the record, we did reach out to Alex Michel many, many times, trying to get him on tonight’s show, to recap what has been such a historic part of this franchise, and we have not been able to find him.” According to the Inquisitr, Chris said he was welcome to come back anytime.

Where Is Alex Michel And Why Doesn’t Chris Know?

While fans were quick to worry about Alex Michel, others just assumed he wanted to stay out of the spotlight. Amanda gave an update saying they dated long distance for about a year after the show. She’d said they kept in touch after they broke up, but she’d not heard from him in six years at the time of taping.

Some fans jumped to the worst possible conclusion. One tweeted, “I mean what if he is being held hostage somewhere… what if he needs help? I mean how can he not be found?” Another asked if he was hiding in a bunker somewhere. Fans know after he was the Bachelor, he stepped out of the spotlight. He had a brief stint with as a spokesperson. It seems he’s just not interested in having that be part of his life anymore.

Amanda Marsh Is Doing Great!

Amanda Marsh is doing just fine too and recently became engaged. While Chris doesn’t know where he is, his ex does. Amanda said, “I heard he’s married and I saw pictures of him and his children,” she said. According to US Weekly, she’s very happy for him. She admires his ability to stay out of the spotlight. Marsh said, “it is impressive how hidden he is.”

Amanda also said it surprised her he didn’t come back but she doesn’t blame him. She said Alex got, “hit pretty hard with some judgments over the years.” She didn’t think the support needed had been there for him after the show.  Fans can’t blame him either, they’ve seen over the years how the show can really affect people’s lives.

She met her soon to be husband Chris on Amanda is very happy now, despite almost calling ABC to try her reality TV love connection skills again after she got divorced. This means both the OG Bachelor stars got their happy endings.


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