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‘Bachelorette’ Trista Sutter Pens Prayer As She Prepares To Watch Her Season Air On ‘The Bachelor Greatest Seasons…Ever’

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Trista Sutter is an icon among Bachelor Nation fans. She was the runner-up on the first season of The Bachelor. Then, Trista went on to become the first ever Bachelorette. Longtime fans will remember her journey and her picking firefighter Ryan Sutter. She and Ryan married in a spectacular wedding presented on television. They went on to have two beautiful children together and are still happy and in love.

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Life is a beautiful thing when @ryansutter is your dad. From sharing his love of adventure and the outdoors to loving on them with his fun-loving, generous, kind heart to supporting their passions, nurturing their spirits, and showing them by example what it means to be an honorable, brave, and humble human, Max and Blakesley are truly blessed. I can’t imagine sharing parenthood with anyone else and thank my lucky stars every day that he chose me to be the mother to his babies. Happy Father’s Day, babe. We love you!!!! 😘❤️ #happyfathersday

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Trista penned a prayer in preparation for seeing her journey again

Trista went to Instagram to share her thoughts on her upcoming reairing of her season. Her season and wedding will be condensed into Monday’s night’s episode of The Bachelor Greatest Seasons….Ever! 

She started her post saying, “Dear Lord, please give me and @ryansutter the strength to survive Monday when they re-air the first @bachelorabc, my season of @bacheloretteabc, and our wedding.”

Trista went on to ask that she can laugh at herself and her fashion sense from all those years ago. She went on to say she wants, “the ability to spread love when the haters come out of the woodwork, the grace to forgive myself (again) for any regrets or mistakes I made, and the intelligence to remember that it all worked out and I’m one lucky wife and mom.”

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I’ve missed this smile. Don’t get me wrong…I know I have a life full of blessings that I shouldn’t take for granted. I wrote a book on the power of gratitude for crying out loud. But, the past 4 months have been a struggle to say the least. Starting with the pain & ongoing debilitation from my first broken bone, to the fear & uncertainty due to a global pandemic, to my failure to cope & be present as a parent, to the financial insecurity from jobs lost because of quarantine, to falling short in home-schooling my kids, to FOMO, to being a single parent & missing my hard-working husband, to comparing myself to younger & more successful women from #bachelornation, to wanting to support the Black Lives Matter movement & feeling the weight of the world as a sensitive soul, to contemplating my future & questioning what I can be when my kids don’t need me anymore…it hasn’t been a time that I’ve done a lot of smiling. The demons have been attacking & I haven’t had the strength or the energy to put up much of a fight. Mental health issues are in my genes & when I’m stressed or scared or overwhelmed (or all three!), my motivation hits the floor & I can’t seem to pick myself up and keep fighting for happiness, let alone get out of bed. Thankfully, I feel the cloud lifting. With our community opening back up & the prospect of getting back to the things that fuel me like time with friends & happy kids doing what they love, I am feeling stronger & safer & happier. The realist in me knows that I still have to put up the fight against inner demons attacking especially for my family, & that our country is still hurting and COVID is still on a rampage, but with each phone call or zoom or lunch date or birthday celebration, I’m finding my way back to that happy place where my smile can shine bright. If you’ve gotten this far, sorry for the ramble, but I share not only to hold myself accountable, but to also let anyone else out there also feeling the struggle, to know that you aren’t alone. Every day may not always be easy, but let’s keep putting one foot in front of the other & finding our way back to our smiles. ❤️ #realtalk #thestruggleisreal

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She’s ready to walk down memory lane

Trista summed up her post asking who would be walking down memory lane with her and Ryan. She said, “Now, who’s gonna take a walk down memory lane with me and reminisce about the path I took to get to that final rose ceremony and the beautiful life Ryan and I have created?!”

She got nothing but love on her post from fans and fellow Bachelor alums. Trista is the first success story of the franchise and continues to live happily with her final rose recipient. She and Ryan have built a beautiful life together in Vail, Colorado. They have two adorable children and a house full of memories of their life together.

Trista is real and shares the good and the bad with her followers. She admits when life is hard and also admits when it gets tough. She recently shared her struggles with everything going on in the world. Trista admits mental illness runs in her genes and she tries to overcome it all. She knows she is blessed beyond words, but she is human.

In a recent post she said, “Every day may not always be easy, but let’s keep putting one foot in front of the other & finding our way back to our smiles.” Great advice from the original Bachelorette. 

Don’t miss reliving one of the best seasons ever as Trista’s journey leads her to the love of her life.

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