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’90 Day Fiance: B90 Strikes Back’ – Fans Slam Tom For Calling Darcey’s Breasts ‘Silicon Valley’

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90 Day Fiance stars Tom Brooks and Darcey Silva degraded into an insult party. Actually, it seems that much like Jesse Meester, Tom says very few nice things about her. Tom Brooks probably thought he’s funny and witty when he said that Darcey’s breasts are like a “silicon filled valley” this week. Fan slammed him for it as Tom isn’t perfect by any means.

90 Day Fiance: B90 Strikes Back, Tom insults Darcey

In the latest episode, fans returned to the scene where Darcey went for breast implants. It revealed once more how she worked out for the first time since she got it done. Well, Tom was very insulting about her new improvements. He said that she looked like he carried a “silicon filled valley” on herself, adding that working out could take her eye out. Fans don’t like the way Darcey keeps body sculpting herself, But, coming from Tom, who comes over as thinking himself very special, it annoyed them and they slammed him on social media.

Plenty of fans sharpened their keyboard knives and insulted Tom back. Tom seems to think he’s rather witty and clever, as evidenced by his recent Cameo shoutout. We note that he looked like he tried out for the role of 007 in a James Bond movie. Tom seems rather full of himself, trying to come over as suave and debonaire. But actually, many 90 Day Fiance fans think he just comes over as an unprintable word. Fans don’t forget that last year, he allegedly stole photos “from…Instagram accounts and pretended to pass them off as his own,” as reported by Celebuzz.

Fans slam Tom on Twitter

During the show this week, fans slapped back at Tom for what he said about Darcey Silva. One said to him, “Tom‘s insults against Darcey are not remotely funny and only reaffirm his lack of class.” Another person wrote, “Tom’s nasty comments about Darcey’s body are pretty brave for a 40 year old snaggled toothed loser who lives with his parents.” Then, this comment came: “Tom making fun of Darcey’s body is beyond disrespectful, especially since he used to be her boyfriend!”

Other fans think Tom’s as fake as anything. This 90 Day Fiance critic slammed him, saying, “I don’t understand why Tom is trying so hard to diss Darcey. We think you suck dude. You are a horrible person who turned out to be an opportunist like Jesse. Own your scam dude, own your scam.” Clearly, fans think Tom only used Darcey for his five minutes of fame. Unfortunately for his critics, it’s turning into more than five minutes. 

What did you think about Tom Brooks saying demeaning things to Darcey Silva? Even if he thinks it, should he put that out all over national television? Sound off in the comments below.

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