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Lauren Burnham, Arie Luyendyk Jr. Share Fears About Having Second Baby

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One of Bachelor Nation’s favorite couples is talking about growing their family. Lauren Burnham and Arie Luyendyk Jr. are thinking about baby number two. However, they do have some concerns and fears about a new addition.

Lauren and Arie are thinking about baby number two

This cute couple ended up together after Arie’s season of The Bachelor wrapped up. She was the runner-up and Arie decided he couldn’t live without Lauren. They married in January 2019. Their daughter Alessi was born in May 2019.

US Weekly shared details about what Lauren and Arie had to say about adding another baby to their family. It was just over a month ago when Lauren announced she had suffered a miscarriage. They were devastated over the loss and are still healing.

Having just suffered the miscarriage, Lauren has to wait a bit before jumping into trying to get pregnant. She said, “We’re not currently trying because once you have a miscarriage you have to wait until you have a normal cycle again.” She continued, “It’s not healthy to try and get pregnant right away.”

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They do have concerns

The couple wants to have more children. However, they are feeling what every parent feels when planning for baby number two. Lauren and Arie are wondering how they could love another baby as much as they love Alessi.

They said they go back and forth a lot about whether they should start trying when it’s safe. They wonder if they should wait longer. Lauren admitted she isn’t sure she will ever be 100 percent ready. Arie added, “I don’t think anyone’s 100% ready. And I think we cherish the time we have with Alessi so much. … We’re, like, afraid of the next chapter in having another baby because we want to give so much attention to Alessi.”

Lauren agreed that is a big concern of hers. She went on to say, “If we have another baby then I’m not really gonna be able to hang out with Alessi as much for, like, the first six months of that baby’s life so then I get really sad.” She continued, “I don’t want to be away from Alessi that long or not be able to be with her all the time. That’s what I have a hard time with. … How could I love another baby as much as Alessi? Everyone says that but it’s real. What if I don’t love it as much as Alessi?”

Lauren shares feeling post miscarriage

The couple also shared how they are coping with their loss. Lauren said she’s good at the moment, but it’s an up and down roller-coaster. She said she thinks her hormones are starting to level off and it’s helping her emotionally. She feels more normal and in control then she has since the miscarriage happened.

Fans were sad to hear of their loss and are excited for them to announce their rainbow baby. When the time comes TV Shows Ace will let you know.


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