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Duggar Sisters Joy & Jinger Grew Closer Due To Pregnancy Losses

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In the Duggar family, the children seem to be very close. This might be due to how close they are in age. Also, they were homeschooled, so they spent a lot of time together. While all of the children appear to be close to one another, some share even tighter bonds. Specifically, Joy-Anna Forsyth and Jinger Vuolo are coming together.

Sadly, both Jinger and Joy experienced pregnancy losses recently. In June 2019, Joy lost a baby at 20 weeks gestation. Not too long after, Jinger had a miscarriage. These losses were devastating for both of the women and their families.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Jinger opens up about the connection she had with her sister over the loss. Jinger says, “I talked to Joy a lot in that time. We grew closer. We were already close, but that relationship even deepened all the more having been through the same thing. [It] was very difficult, but I was grateful for Joy to be able to talk to her. [My sister-in-law] Lauren also just shared such sweet words with me.”

Lauren Duggar, who’s Joy and Jinger’s sister-in-law, also experienced a miscarriage early in her first pregnancy. Shortly after that loss, Lauren got pregnant again and gave birth to her daughter Bella.

In the interview, Jinger goes on to talk about how Joy is a little bit ahead of her in her pregnancy. So, along the way, they’ve been open with each other. She says, “With her little one that she has on the way now following the miscarriage, [we talked about] how she was dealing with that and even all the fears that come up and how she was trusting God through that.”

Both Duggar sisters are expecting rainbow babies

“Rainbow baby” is a term used to describe a baby on the way after a loss. Since both Joy and Jinger lost babies and are expecting again, they’re both pregnant with their “rainbow babies.” This is kind of similar to a rainbow after a storm.

Jinger and Jeremy will be talking about their miscarriage on the upcoming season of Counting On. This season, Joy and Austin will only be in group settings of the show. So, they might be at special events like birthdays and holidays. The couple and their two-year-old son Gideon won’t have their own storyline.

So, what do you think of the girls’ special bond? Are you glad they have each other? Share your thoughts below.

Don’t miss the Season 11 premiere of Counting On. The first episode airs on Tuesday, July 7 on TLC.

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