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‘Bachelorette’: Hannah Brown Fans Reach Out To Lonely Suicidal-Sounding Follower

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Bachelorette alum Hannah Brown took to Instagram on Tuesday, June 30. She shared about how much she appreciated being loved by her family. But one follower expressed their sorrow at loneliness and said they only stay alive for one reason. Many people reached out to the person who seemingly entertains suicidal thoughts.

Bachelorette alum Hannah Brown wrote about people who care

In her rather long post about family, Hannah Brown said that she’s very “thankful for home.” Obviously giving it a lot of thought, she also noted that home’s more than a “town” or “four walls.” To her, a home’s a place where people “make you feel settled and safe.”  She spoke about finding special people who “sit with you in the middle of your messy life,” noting they overlook faults and admit their own life isn’t perfect.

For The Bachelorette alum, life and turmoil brought her to realize that it’s rather “humbling.” She learned how to “receive the grace, feel the love” At the end, Hannah wrote about how grateful she feels for those who love her. “That’s home to me,” she noted. The full text came across as very moving and some people admitted they cried. But, one person literally put out a cry for help in the comments. Hannah probably never saw it, but her fans did. And plenty of them reached out.

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The cry for help from a lonely and suicidal follower

In the comments, one person asked, “What if no one wants to sit with me when life gets messy?” They also noted that they try holding onto people, but “they go.” Then, they explained they live all alone and did so for “many years.” Sadly, they live only for one reason – “dad.” The reason for staying alive seems totally down to the fact that he might “take it hard,” if they died. And, even then, the follower feels that she and her dad don’t experience a close relationship.

Bachelorette fans reached out immediately. While some fans professed that Hannah’s post made them cry, the real-life pain and the loving humanity of her fans seems the real tear-jerker. The cry of sorrow and loneliness and the wish for death never went unnoticed. One of Hannah Brown’s fan said, “reading this broke my heart. I know I don’t know you but I’m sending you lots of love and strength ‘🥰❤️.” Another one reached out with, “DM me. We can talk. Stay strong ❤️.” And, it looks like Hannah’s follower chooses to do that.

Humanity and kindness from Hannah Brown’s fans

Other fans spoke up as well. One said, “Sweet girl stay with us.” Her sadness affects a lot of people right now, especially with coronavirus adding to the feeling of isolation. “You got this sweetheart, we all go through stuff like this and we all feel like you do right now believe me. DM me if you need to talk,” they offered. Another one reached out by saying, “I’ll sit with you. We’ve got this. Just keep going! Sending you all the love. ♥️”

Those fans of The Bachelorette could help save a life. The National Institute of Mental Health reminds people about other resources. “Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Lifeline) at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or text …HELLO to 741741, 24/7.

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