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Brandi Glanville Posts Mysterious Kissing Photo That Gets ‘RHOBH’ Fans Riled Up

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Brandi Glanville loves to cause drama. She’s one of the most controversial castmates from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. After all, this is the same woman who slapped Lisa Vanderpump across the face. The reality star is returning to Season 10 with a big bang.

She reveals that she allegedly hooked up with Denise Richards. It leads to a series of events that made Denise want to quit the series altogether. Brandi continues to tease her upcoming return. Over the weekend, she posted a photo that has fans all riled up. Brandi shocked RHOBH fans with the photo.

Brandi Glanville posted a photo of herself kissing a mystery woman

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmate sure knows how to bring the drama. She’s been stirring up drama on social media. As per Us Weekly, she tweeted a photo of herself kissing a mystery woman on Saturday, June 27. The close-up photo was shot in dark lighting and shows a woman kissing her cheek. RHOBH fans were split on the dramatic reveal.

“Making dinner for my fam/neighbors — #snack on this,” the 47-year-old tweeted alongside the photo.

Us Weekly previously reported that Denise and Brandi are feuding after Brandi revealed to their castmates that they were intimate in the past. An insider told the outlet that “Denise has never been intimate with Brandi, ever.” Then a second insider revealed that the former friends “hooked up on more than one occasion.”

Denise “basically stopped filming” after the rumors swirled. But the two ladies “never had a confrontation on camera” during Season 10. The show is currently on a summer hiatus. The midseason trailer from June 3 shows Brandi telling the castmates that they hooked up.

Fans think Brandi is kissing Denise in the photo

The grainy photo that Brandi Glanville tweeted has fans talking. One fan shared a photo of the ladies from Season 9 of RHOBH. In the photo, Brandi wears the same mesh top she has in the picture she posted. Her hair also has a similar style and the other woman is wearing a black blouse just like Denise wore.

Fans believe that Brandi is showing proof that she was intimate with Denise at one point. But the context of Brandi’s tweet still makes no sense to her fans.

Other fans think RHOBH star is “thirsty” for posting photo

Brandi Glanville sure has fans worked up over the photo. While she didn’t say that the 49-year-old Denise is with her in the photo, fans accused her of stirring up drama. Most of them called her “thirsty” for attention, as per Hollywood Life.

“The thirst is real. Perhaps you should chug some water,” one follower wrote. “Thirsty. Needs spotlight. Does anyone even care?” another added.

Several days later, Brandi responded to fans. Per Us Weekly, she confirmed that the other woman in the photo is Denise Richards.

“It’s 1millionpercent DR !!!” Brandi tweeted on Monday, June 29. “NOT A DR look alike.”

The affair has become one of the most popular topics of the tenth season of RHOBH. It hasn’t even aired yet. It all started in January 2020 when Daily Mail first reported about the alleged “months-long affair,” which supposedly happened in 2019. Denise shot down Brandi’s claims, and even told a fan that she and Aaron don’t have an “open marriage.” The Wild Things actress has yet to publicly confirm or deny if she’s in the photo.

What are your thoughts on the photo that Brandi Glanville posted? Sound off below in the comments section.

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