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’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Start Petition For TLC To Bring Back Usman After Lisa Hamme Fired

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90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 days caused all sorts of havoc when TLC didn’t air Usman complaining Lisa used the N-word on him. Fans already saw unedited leaked footage from the Tell-All. Plenty of people slammed TLC. Since then, word came that TLC dropped Lisa Hamme. With her going, it looks like Usman also got canned for the spinoff B90 Strikes Back. Unhappy Usman fans now started a petition for his reinstatement.

9o Day Fiance – TLC severed ties with Lisa Hamme, Usman’s out as well

Lisa Hamme and Usman, aka Sojaboy, go ding-dong into battle on Instagram over who scammed who out of money. A few days back, Lisa suggested she and Usman get back together, or that it already happened. But, while Lisa seems desperate to keep the focus on her, Screen Rant reported TLC severed all ties with her. Many critics think she merely brings all this social media drama in an effort to stay relevant. News from the outlet suggests that she filmed for B90 Strikes Back, but won’t get any coverage.

That means that essentially, Usman’s also canceled on the 90 Day Fiance franchise. While Lisa garnered plenty of haters for her sometimes foul language, she still gets some followers. But Usman seemed way more popular than her right from the start. While some people think he used Lisa for his music career, others feel she used him for fame and publicity. But generally, Usman just seemed like a much nicer person. And, fans didn’t like Lisa using the N-word on him. It’s not nice and certainly not acceptable, they think.

Fans start a petition to bring Usman back

After hearing that Usman’s now off the TLC franchise, some fans went off and started a petition for TLC to bring him back. Started by Diane Brissett, the petition appeals to Discovery Inc., TLC Network, Matt Sharp, and Sharp Entertainment. Diane noted in the petition that Usman got fired because of Lisa’s “disgraceful and despicable actions.” The petition states that she feels very strongly about it. After all, why should he pay the price for something Lisa did?

Usman comes from Nigeria. So, it’s certainly not clear how the petitioner anticipates TLC could feature him on the franchise sans Lisa. And, bear in mind, with the current scrutiny of anything deemed racial, the network no doubt could head into deep water if they reinstate Lisa. Nevertheless, the petition states that fans demand his immediate “rehiring.” She points out that “Sojaboy…maintained a presence of being “respectful and “refined.” Diane said that he “represented the 90 Day Fiance brand well.”

Petitioner wants Sojaboy back and featured on B90 Strikes Back

The petition ends with: “Sojaboy being fired from the B90 strikes back is unacceptable and his fans would like his contract to be reinstated.” So far, as of the wee hours of June 26, 147 people signed the petition on Change.org. Comments by supporters included, “I love Usman! Bring him back!” Then, others called Lisa “despicable” and a “racist.” They don’t want her back on 90 Day Fiance, but they hope for Usman.

The logistics of that happening seem a bit remote, do you agree? Would they be able to mute Lisa? Or, cut off her head with pixelation? Sound off in the comments below.

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