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Why Didn’t Anna Duggar Post About Josh On Father’s Day?

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On Father’s Day, many sons and daughters shared social media posts dedicated to their fathers. Wives did the same for their husbands. Many of the Duggar family members paid tribute to the fathers in their lives. Several of Jim Bob’s kids wrote special messages to him and shared sweet photos too.

But, on Father’s Day, Anna Duggar failed to post anything about her husband Josh. Now, fans are trying to figure out why Anna didn’t dedicate a social media post to Josh.

Why might Anna not share about Josh?

It’s worth noting that Josh has a rough past, which has led to a lot of criticism from 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On fans. So, some fans think that this might’ve prevented Anna from sharing. She only recently started posting more photos of Josh, but even now, those photos are rare.

Often, when Anna shares a post on Instagram, she gets questions or comments about Josh. Sometimes, this happens on posts that have nothing to do with Josh. So, sharing a post specifically about him might have led to more comments. Currently, Anna has her comments limited on Instagram. This means that only a certain number of people can comment on her posts. This seems to weed out some of the nastier comments she receives.

Anna also didn’t share a Father’s Day post about Josh in 2019. Maybe this is something she chooses not to participate in. Or, with six young children, it’s possible that she completely forgot to share a post. She might have been caught up in spending the day with Josh and the rest of the Duggar family. Or, maybe she wanted to focus on her husband in real life, not on social media.

Other Duggars didn’t share on social media for Father’s Day

Anna isn’t the only one in the family who didn’t share a Father’s Day post. Some of the family members don’t use social media frequently, so it makes sense that they wouldn’t post on holidays. Joe and Kendra Duggar share an Instagram account. On their account, they didn’t share anything about their dads, and Kendra didn’t write anything about Joe.

Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth also stayed quiet on the holiday. Jedidiah Duggar didn’t dedicate a post to his dad either.

But, due to the nature of social media, this isn’t anything to be concerned about. Some people choose to refrain from using social media all the time. Some like to keep parts of their lives private, despite many people sharing everything online.

So, why do you think Anna didn’t dedicate a Father’s Day post to Josh? Share your thoughts below.

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