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‘Teen Mom’ Star Kailyn Lowry Starts Drama With Briana DeJesus

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Teen Mom stars Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus can’t seem to stay out of each others’ business. Father’s Day 2020 sparked more drama between the two. Kailyn’s ex, Chris Lopez, even got involved in the argument. Then, Briana addressed some long-standing issues between her and Kailyn.

The Teen Mom stars start their feud on Instagram

One of Briana’s friends posted on his Instagram story, “Happy fathers day to all the fathers but Happy fathers day to the single mothers out there who play both roles.” He tagged Briana in the post, which was then shared on a fan account, @teenmomshaderoom_. In a comment on this post, Kailyn wished Briana’s ex, Devoin Austin, a happy Father’s Day. Instagram users quickly attacked Kailyn and asked her if she said the same to her own ex.

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Kailyn did, in fact, send Chris a “Happy Father’s Day” message. So, she mentioned that on Instagram and fought back against her haters. The Teen Mom star wrote about Briana, “Nobody cares when she was sliding in Chris’ mentions and DMs. I’m literally wishing Devoin a happy Father’s Day.” Chris and Briana were both quick to deny Kailyn’s claims.

Chris responds to Kailyn’s comments

As soon as Chris saw that Kailyn accused him of DMing Briana, he defended himself. He claimed that the rumors weren’t true and asked fans to move on. A few days later, he posted on his Instagram story to further explain his innocence. He shared a quote, “I’m a popular loner. I know a lot of people and a lot of people know me, but my circle [is] small, and I’m usually by myself.” He emphasized the last few words by underlining them.

Briana points out Kailyn’s flaws

Teen Mom star Briana commented on @teenmomshaderoom_’s post, “Wut is going on here.” She later said, “Girl, for someone that says you don’t want anything to do with me, you certainly seem to want to play the game. So you wanna play? Let’s play.” Then, Briana called Kailyn out for having children with three different men.

Briana didn’t stop there. Next, she brought up a ghost from the past: Javi Marroquin. Back in 2018, Briana went out with Kailyn’s ex-husband, Javi. This started drama between the two Teen Mom stars. Briana recently pointed out that Kailyn is still “hung up” over this issue.

Briana let Kailyn know that she’s over the petty drama. She said that if Kailyn isn’t mature enough to have a real conversation about their arguments, then she doesn’t want to hear anything else from Kailyn. She then told Kailyn, “Take care, now, Kail … until the next dramatic thing I’m sure I’ll have to address soon.”

Do you think Kailyn meant to start drama with her comment? Let us know in the comments.

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