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‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Sad As Another Eye Surgery Looms For Hazel

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OutDaughtered fans know that Hazel, the quint with the red hair already underwent eye surgery. While her parents anticipated more surgery in the future, bad news came at a really bad time. Because of the coronavirus, they consulted the eye specialist online. Fans who watched the episode this week felt heartbroken for Hazel, as another surgery looms.

OutDaughtered – Hazel’s eyes get bad again

Back in January this year, Adam Busby told his fans that Hazel’s eyeglasses “bit the dust.” They returned to the eye specialist so she could select a new pair. Her previous pair only lasted three months. But Hazel, as fans of the TLC show know, lives with five other very active siblings. Accidents with kids often happen. At the time they replaced the glasses, Adam didn’t mention if the doctor picked up any more issues with Hazel’s eyesight. But possibly, they discussed watching for more problems.

Outdaughtered revealed this week, that Adam and Danielle grew concerned about Hazel’s vision again. They already booked a visit to her eye specialist. But, because of the coronavirus, the appointment got canceled. Increasingly worried, Adam and Danielle arranged a telemedicine online consultation. They know to watch for Hazel tilting her head and walking diagonally. She suffers from a condition that causes eye-rolling. The American Optometric Association explains it. “Rarely, surgery is performed to change the position of the muscles that move the eyes.” Well, Hazel might require more of that.

More surgery breaks the hearts of fans

The specialist spotted the same problems that Adam and Danielle noticed. Hazel walks diagonally to help herself see. Plus, Dr. Megan noticed the way she tilts her head. The verdict indicates that Hazel probably needs surgery before starting Kindergarten. With the virus around, that brings an added worry to her parents. Fans seem distraught by the news. Over on Twitter, many of them commented about the cute little girl and her vision.

OutDaughtered fans mentioned their heartbreak during the episode. One fan wrote, “My heart breaks for Hazel.” Another one mentioned Hazel’s reaction. They noted, “Poor little Hazel…trying so hard to be strong and not cry. Love you Hazel Bazel.” One fan who relates to Adam and Danielle mentioned their own child. They wrote, “poor Hazel. My son…had 41 eye surgeries. I understand Danielle and Adams concern/fear as parents.”

Brave Hazel holds back the tears

Fans seemed terribly sorry for little Hazel as she tried holding back the tears. One OutDaughtered fan noted, “Hazel‘s expression when the Doctor said surgery broke my heart. You are a strong, courageous young lady Hazel.” Others also explained how she broke their heart with her courage. 

What did you think of the episode of OutDaughtered that showed Hazel so bravely holding back tears as she heard about more possible eye surgery? Sound off in the comments below.

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