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‘American Idol’ Winner Laine Hardy Tests Positive For COVID-19 – Thousands Of Fans Wish Him Well

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American Idol 2019 fans saw Laine Hardy beat out Alejandro Aranda to snatch the crown. Recently, he released Ground I Grew Up On and it met with a lot of approval. He also released Let There Be Country. But, like so many artists, his tour got put on hold because of COVID-19. He used the opportunity to turn out some original music that got fans clamoring for more. But for now, he’s resting at home after he tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Thousand of wellwishers sent him support and prayers for a quick recovery. Recently, he got spotted with Miss Teen Louisana, 2020.

American Idol – Laine hardy gets COVID-19

On June 22, Laine took to Instagram and Facebook and shared the news that he tested positive for coronavirus. Fortunately, he said he’s only presenting mild symptoms. Now he quarantines at home in Lousiana. Many fans responded. A lot of them mentioned that Laine’s young, so he’s not likely to become critically ill. Naturally, some fans fear for his parents, Barry and Cindy Lou. Others hope that by publicizing his illnesses, other young people pay attention. It seems that many of them believe they can’t get sick at all.

The concern with young people is that often, like the American Idol star, they do get the virus. But they take it home to parents and even grandparents. In fact, that’s one major reason many people opposed the reopening of schools. Science Mag cited Nicholas Christakis, a social scientist and physician at Yale University. He said, “A community-acquired case is like a canary in the coal mine. When you detect one case there are probably dozens or hundreds of others.”

American Idol Laine Hardy

Fans react to the news that Laine Tested positive

On Facebook, literally thousands of people pitched up to encourage and support Laine. Many supporters seem very young as well, and a surprising number of them told Laine they also had it and got over it. One fan commented, “Get well soon. Been there myself. I had a mild case but was quarantined for 14 days. Fever 4 days cough and shortness of breath. I’m better now so I’m sending you prayers everyday.”

Another fan noted, “You are young and healthy. May your recovery be quick and quarantine safely for everyone around you. These are such crazy times. Even though so many are testing positive, hospitalizations and severity are so much better. Get plenty of rest.” Plenty of other fans sent in similar messages and a lot of prayers go his way. But on Instagram, few people commented, as he put out the news via Stories.

Laine went to Florida, spent time with Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2020

Just a few days ago, Laine shared a photo of himself standing close to a beautiful young woman. He tagged it as taken at Pensacola Beach, Florida. Fans wondered who she was, and several people identified her as Sydney Taylor. She’s Miss Teen Louisana USA 2020. Naturally, given the fact they stood so close together, thoughts arise as to her possibility of also getting the virus. On the post, many people wondered if they pair dated. But others talked about COVID-19.

One American Idol fan pointed out belatedly, “I really hope the group out tog will go test for CoVid-19. Social responsibility is important to keep all safe..” Another person gloomily predicted, “Uh, oh. He gave her COVID!” One follower wrote, “Hoping she doesn’t also test positive for COVID.” Well, hopefully, that never happened. Most fans hope Laine gets better, but many also hope other young people take home the fact that they too are not immune to the disease.

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Whats do you think about American Idol winner Laine Hardy testing positive for the coronavirus? If you’re young like him, will it make you a bit more conscious about social distancing? Sound off in the comments below.

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