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‘Bachelor’ Fans Tease Peter Weber About His Bowl Haircut

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Bachelor star Peter Weber wears a short hairstyle these days. Young, it looks like he’s on the way to a receding hairline already. But it wasn’t always that way. Now, fans teased him about the bowl cut he had as a kid. It came on Father’s Day when Peter shared a tribute to his dad. Others who also shared throwback pics include Hannah Brown and Becca Kufrin.

Bachelor – Peter Weber shares  throwback photo on Father’s Day

Like so many celebs this weekend, Peter Weber took to his Instagram and gave his dad a shoutout for Father’s Day. His photo took fans a long way back in time. His handsome dad sat on a bench with his two boys next to him. Peter sported a bowl cut back then. Fans thought it quite funny and teased Peter about it. Apart from that, naturally, lots of best wishes went to Peter and his dad. In fact, the haircut that Peter sported as a kid definitely trended back in the 90s. And, some fans recalled their hair in the same style.

Recall, the Bachelor lead was born in 1991 in Virginia, so he grew up during the craze for the rather odd-looking hairstyle. Of course, modern youngsters think it looks rather hilarious. Others feel some nostalgia for those days. Peter captioned his photo with, “Thanks for always teaching us to spread our wings. Love you Capitán!” One of the first responses came from his girlfriend, Kelley Flanagan. She commented, “@pilot_pete I use to rep the same haircut.”

Fans tease Peter about his old bowl haircut

One follower told Kelley that until she produces a side-by-side comparison pic, they don’t believe her. But other Bachelor fans simply couldn’t get over the cut or recalled the olden days. Here’s what some of them said:

  • “I had it too. Much be a 90s kids haircut lol.”
  • “You should definitely bring back this haircut.”
  • “That bowl cut tho.”
  • “ur hair in this though ICONIC.”
  • “Sweet hair 🤣.”
  • “Dang that hair bro…bring it back @pilot_pete.”
  • “Your haircut explains so much about you.”

Meanwhile, some Bachelor fans referred Peter’s younger brother’s cut, and several of them commented Jack looked way cute, Notably, he didn’t wear a bowl cut.

Good fun as fans love throwback photos

Fans always enjoy throwback photos on social media. In fact, Hannah Brown who starred with Peter on The Bachelorette and his season of the Bachelor also shared a throwback pic on Father’s Day. She posted a photo of herself dancing with her dad back in the day. She wore a cute little white dress and seemed to be at a wedding. Hannah captioned her picture with, “My Forever Dance Partner. ❤️ Happy Father’s Day to this guy right here! Thank you for being my #1 fan and loving me unconditionally. I love you Robbio. And Happy Father’s Day to all the father figures out there! Wishing y’all a day filled with so much love.”

Interestingly, Hannah wore her hair long, and it seems she opted for a non-mushroom cut. Mind you, it’s clear she also sported rather straight bangs across her forehead. Actually, it’s rather a pity that more people from Bachelor Nation didn’t share throwback pics. Tyler Cameron opted for a photo of his dad in recent years. Nick Viall did as well. But, Becca Kufrin didn’t miss the opportunity and she shared several throwback pics in memory of her dad.

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Happy Father’s Day to my first love. I miss you Dad. I miss how you’d always smell like chapstick and woodchip shavings after carving a decoy. I miss how you’d let me pack your tobacco pipe, and even though you knew I’d spill it, you still let me do it anyways. I miss how I’d walk through the door after my senior classes and you’d just be pulling out the delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and say “give me a smooch”. I miss how you’d always ask for the potato soup recipe at Outback Steakhouse, even though they’d never give it to the public – you still had to shoot your shot. I miss hearing your laugh when you’d put on shorts for only one day every summer and we’d make fun of your pasty chicken legs. I miss hearing you sing “Silver Bells” every Christmas in your best operatic fashion. I still can’t listen to that song without picturing you. I miss making bets on who would catch the first or biggest fish when we’d go on the lake each summer, and how somehow my pockets would always be a few dollars richer. I miss the bellow in the way you yelled Yahtzee when you’d get all 5 matching dice. I miss the smell of fish batter frying in oil when you made us those tasty fillets during the long summer nights. I miss how you’d let me sneak sips of Hamm’s beer and remind me “don’t tell your mother.” However, I don’t miss that Hamm’s beer 😉 I miss listening to the newspaper crinkle in the early morning as you’d read through the headlines in your most beloved, beat up blue chair. I miss being little enough to fall asleep on your chest and hear your heartbeat as we’d watch old reruns of Indiana Jones (you always had to fast forward the scene of the heart being ripped out for me). I miss the fact that so many stories were taken from us. I miss so many things that return to me in the most unexpected moments. But as much as I miss you, you gave me the greatest gift of all, which was showing me how to live through love, patience, grace and strength (as I’m sure you’ve witness from above, it’s been a reeeaaallll work in progress for me.) But no matter all my missings, my life is so richly blessed because I had you in it.

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What do you think of these throwback photos on Father’s Day? Do you enjoy seeing the ABC stars as little kids? What about Peter Weber’s bowl cut? Do you think it suited him? Sound off in the comments below.

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