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Ben Higgins On Why He Isn’t Close To Either Of His ‘Bachelor’ Exes

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Ben Higgins doesn’t keep in touch with his exes. The former Bachelor revealed he’s not close with either JoJo Fletcher or Lauren Bushnell. While he wishes them the best, he won’t be talking to them anytime soon. The ABC franchise will revisit his season on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever!

Former Bachelor doesn’t keep in touch with Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher

Ben Higgins admitted that he doesn’t keep in touch with the women from his Bachelor past. That includes JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell. He admits that it isn’t “healthy.” The 31-year-old opened up about it in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly.

“Not Lauren, we haven’t talked [about the show re-airing]. She’s married,” Ben Higgins said. “I’m happy for her, and she found her partner. I mean, if she reached out saying, ‘Hey, how are you going to handle this? This is what’s sensitive me …’ I would like to take that call from her, but I don’t think I’m needed in this moment for her.”

Ben popped the question to Lauren during the March 2016 finale of The Bachelor. The couple later split in May 2017 after more than a year together. Lauren married Chris Lane in October 2019. Meanwhile, JoJo got engaged to Jordan Rodgers during the Season 12 of The Bachelorette. While Ben doesn’t speak to Lauren, he does keep in touch with JoJo.

“JoJo and I are good friends. I have a lot of respect for her and Jordan,” Ben explained. “The same kind of thing, if she has a man and a confidant by her side that she probably leans in on. If I saw her, it would be … I actually saw her in the airport last year.”

Ben recalled the last time he met JoJo and Jordan. While it was great to see them, he doesn’t want to be too friendly with her. He respects the couple’s relationship. Ben says that keeping in close touch with either of his exes “wouldn’t be healthy. It’s not smart.” For Ben, the past is best kept in the past.

Ben Higgins refuses to revisit his season of The Bachelor

He also revealed that he won’t tune in to watch his season on Monday night, June 22. Neither he nor his fiancée Jessica Clarke won’t watch the condensed version of his season. The ABC promo teased it as a steamy season. It certainly would be awkward for the couple to look back at Ben’s previous relationships.

“She’s going to get through that day, and probably the week afterwards, with all the comments about my season, and we’ll move on,” Ben explained. “But it’s not healthy, I don’t think, for her to probably watch it.”

However, Ben doesn’t have any regrets about his season. He said that being on The Bachelor “was a great experience for me.” It changed his life “in the best ways.” It opened up his eyes to new opportunities.

On Sunday, June 21, Ben tweeted that the network sent him the episode of The Bachelor: GOAT a day early. He joked that he was “covering up my eyes, smacking my forehead, turning red and praying for grace” all throughout the special.

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