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‘sMothered’ – Laurie Loves Smelling Sarah’s Baby Teeth Preview Reveals

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sMothered fans grew irritated with Laurie in the last episode. She went on a date with Sarah and her boyfriend Miguel. While there, she guilted him, trying to force him to marry Sarah before she dies. She’s not on her death bed although she’s not well, fans noted. Besides that, the upcoming preview reveals more about how she loves smelling Sarah’s old baby teeth.

sMothered – fans react to preview showing Laurie smelling Sarah’s teeth

TLC popped up a video preview on YouTube about Laurie and her obsession with her daughter’s teeth. They talked a bit about how close they are before Laurie pulled out a new special container that she keeps for Sarah’s baby teeth. Sarah admired it and even confessed she uses her teeth as a weapon against Miguel. Miguel allegedly doesn’t do special things for Sarah. So, sometimes she tells him her mom keeping her baby teeth is a special thing for her.

Fans already know that Miguel owns a nice home, and Sarah seems to live rather comfortably. But, perhaps she wants more from him that he’s willing to give. In the preview, mom and daughter talked about Miguel. It came after they went out for their threesome date. Laurie said that Miguel often thanks her for giving him “Miguel time.” Maybe Miguel finds it all a bit cloying when Sarah and her mom get together. Certainly, sMothered fans do. But, smelling brown old baby teeth seems a bit too much. Laurie inhaled the scent of the teeth and declared it smells like a newborn baby. Fans thought that rather disgusting.

‘Gross’ and ‘disgusting,’ fans say

In the comments, many people reacted to the teeth. One critic described it as “Yikes..that is gross!!” Another one wrote, “Why would anyone want [to] smell baby teeth. That is so disgusting 🤢.” People seem intrigued by Laurie’s behavior and one person said, “This was unpleasantly intriguing…It’s gonna have to be a nurrr for me.” But, a few people note that Laurie and Sarah seem less weird than other people on the show.

Smothered brings its own type of “normal” among the cast. And, fans agree that Laurie and her mom seem “normal” compared to people like Alena and Marcia. Mind you, newcomers Brittani and Mary with their joint colonic cleansing seem to take it away with “weird.” Nevertheless, fans still find Laurie smelling ancient teeth fits into the extremely odd category. One critic noted, “God forbid the daughter dies before the mother – she will keep her skull on a shelf.”

Some fans grow skeptical with TLC, suggesting that this sort of thing just hypes up the viewers. And yes, it all seemed a bit scripted, some fans think. It seems inconceivable that a mom and daughter really sat down for this rather odd exchange.  Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.

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