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Olivia Plath Gets Slammed For Describing Her Current Life As ‘Post COVID’

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Olivia Plath usually gets mainly positive comments from her followers on social media. She turned out as the top fan-favorite star on Welcome to Plathville. People liked the way she stood up for herself against her mother-in-law, Kim Plath. Attractive and fun, many people still follow her since the season ended. But unusually, fans slammed her for posting about her current life. She described it as “post COVID.”

Olivia in Austin Texas shares photos of friends, fans fear COVID-19

Fans of Welcome to Plathville know that Olivia Plath does wedding photography for a living. The nature of her job gets her traveling a lot. In fact, she recently told other people who aspire to get into the business, that she offers mentoring. Plus, she revealed her excitement when some restrictions eased up in May. Her business struggled during quarantine as people delayed or canceled weddings.

On Instagram, she revealed, “everything is slowly opening back up which means so is wedding season!!” She then talked about how people now plan for weddings in summer. Olivia Plath also talked about upcoming trips to “San Antonio and Houston.” Since then, she shared photos of some weddings, as well as the reception parties that take place afterward. But her latest post makes fans fearful about COVID-19, as, in some photos, it seems her companions don’t social-distance.

‘Post-COVID’ post makes Olivia Plath fans angry and afraid

On Thursday, Olivia shared four photos of  Austin, Texas. Her caption read, “Doing my part to keep Austin weird ✌🏼.” But the next bit really upset fans. Olivia wrote, “A full week of my first ‘post-COVID’ wedding.” Olivia mentioned that she uses her mask, camps out, met up with a “bestie”, and enjoyed seeing “the tri-cities.” But despite talking about her mask, the fourth photo shows Olivia with three other people all snuggled up close and not a single mask in view

Other fans grew alarmed as Oliva describe it as a “post-COVID”‘ wedding.” Actually, some fans grew fearful. One person wrote, “It’s not post covid. I work in an essential business. People like you are the reason I’m scared for my life every day that I go to work. Stop contributing to the problem.” Another Olivia Plath critic agreed, writing, “Covid is not over!!” Meanwhile, another person noted that photo with no masks. Some fans felt critics should chill, but it seems that COVID-19’s still a big problem in Texas.

People worry about COVID-19 in Texas

On Olivia Path’s post, one concerned fan wrote, “You know in Texas we’re setting records for amount of covid cases/hospitalizations. It’s not over.” In fact, KWTX wrote an article about that on the same day that Olivia posted about “post-COVID” on Instagram. According to the outlet, “Eighty six new COVID-19 cases were confirmed Thursday in Central Texas while the state’s total rose to 99,851.”

With those scary numbers, are you surprised that fans criticized Olivia Plath for describing her current life as “post-COVID?” Sound off in the comments below.

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