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‘The Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison Calls Out Madison Who Gets Real About Peter’s Mom

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The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever! aired on Monday, and fans saw Madison Prewett on screen again. Madison spoke rather politely about Peter Weber’s mom Barb, but host Chris Harrison called her out on it. Finally, she got real about how she felt during the final episodes of the show.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever! Chris talks to Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett

Peter Weber and Madison dated briefly after he dumped Hannah Ann Sluss on the show. Now, he’s with Kelley Flanagan, another competitor for his heart. It took Peter a long time to make a decision. But, many fans think Barb, his mom, had a lot to do with Peter ending various relationships. Disliking Madison as a choice seemed really obvious. Shocked fans saw Barb slam Madison publically. Irate fans turned on Barb for her obvious hate for such a young woman. They felt she needn’t be so publically mean about her.

In fact, even Chris Harrison seemed taken aback. We noted that he felt really bad for Madison in the finale. “Once he started talking to Barb during the finale, he wasn’t expecting her shady responses, we wrote.” Well, fans felt awful for Madison who sat there in front of everyone and got roundly dissed on. Peter and Madison agreed they’d try and date for a bit, but as fans know, it only lasted a few days. Given Barb’s attitude on The Bachelor, fans were hardly surprised about that.

Chris Harrison calls out Madison and she got candid about Barb

During the Greatest Seasons – Ever, Chris asked Madison how she felt about that particular scene on the show. Madison sweetly said about Barb, “there’s absolutely no hard feelings there.” Maddie noted that she understands she just “did her job as a mom to protect her son in the way that she felt like she needed to.” She also said that Peter’s got a “great mom.” Finally, she said, “So, I wish them all the best.”

ET noted that Chris Harrison thought it very nice of her to say that. But The Bachelor host also called her out, saying, “there’s zero chance there [were] no hard feelings.'” This time, Madison admitted, “I was very upset after. I really was. But now, I’m just in such a good place now. But after the show, yes, I cried.” So, it seems that Madison moved on from Peter and his rather mean-spirit mother when it came to her. Actually, Barb stole the show to the point that Hannah Ann Sluss virtually got overlooked in the aftermath.

Hannah Ann and Madison keep in touch

Both Madison and Hannah Ann ended up out of Peter’s life. They keep in touch which Bachelor fans think is really nice. Notably, Madison seems happy for Kelley Flanagan, as they got along well together.

What do you think about Madison saying nice things about Barb after the way she treated her on the show? Are you glad that Chris Harrison called her out on it? Sound off in the comments below.

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