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Zak Bagans And ‘Ghost Adventures’ Crew Makes Contact With Deceased Kevorkian Patient

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Fans have come to expect nothing less than terrifying moments when watching Ghost Adventures. Regular filming was halted due to the pandemic so Zak Bagans and his fellow investigators decided on another first. The crew decided to quarantine themselves for two weeks inside Zak’s Las Vegas Haunted Museum. That is a lot of investigating and lockdown time!

Zak and the boys quarantine two weeks inside Haunted Museum

Two incredible things happened with the crew recently. They were able to speak with who they believe to be a deceased patient of Dr. Kevorkian. And, Zak finally opened the cursed Dybbuk Box. The Las Vegas Review Journal caught up with Zak to get the scoop on how the quarantine investigations went.

The crew filmed the four part miniseries on their own without a production crew. Zak said it was the most raw investigation they have done since their initial documentary in 2004. Before going into the museum it had sat empty for two weeks due to mandated closures for the pandemic. Upon entering spirits were hungry.  Zak said, “Just walking back into there, the spirits were hungry. They were used to being kind of fed this energy of people.”

Zak believes the coronavirus outbreak had a huge impact on the spirit energies. He said, “When this first really broke out, the fear across the whole world was just unprecedented, and I felt that. … I wanted to kind of use this moment to see if this global, worldwide fear at this level had any impact on paranormal investigations.”

He said there was something different going on. The energy was much stronger than usual.

Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s recreated room had tons of energy

Security footage revealed to viewers shows multiple people fainting, falling and not feeling well. They were all standing in basically the same spot. The room adjoining this area is where Dr. Kevorkian’s van sits for visitors. This van is what he used for physician assisted suicides.

Zak said, “We started getting this intelligent communication with what we believe to be a patient that gave us his name.” He continued, “And then Jay looked up the name, and it matched to one of the people that died in the van. And it just spiraled into this series of events from visual to scientific documentation to audio.”

Zak says he will never forget this investigation

This investigation is one Zak will always remember. This was by far the longest they have investigated without a break in between. They used RV’s outside the museum to get rest and shower.

Zak said,“ Some of the evidence that we ended up capturing was very visual, a lot of different visual manifestations. Different kinds of anomalies. Other just weird, glowing objects. Just things that I’ve never seen before in this kind of caliber, this kind of quantity and quality of evidence. It was really, really cool.”

Don’t miss the next episode of the four part miniseries Thursday night on the Travel Channel.


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