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‘Labor Of Love’ Spoilers: Who Could Kristy Katzmann’s Baby Daddy Choice Be?

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Labor of Love returned Kristy Katzmann to reality TV. Recall, she previously starred in Season 11 of The Bachelor with Brad Womack. She looks for love again because it’s time for kids in her life, she believes. But who might she end up with? A few spoilers suggest some really good clues as to the potential baby daddy.

Labor of Love – Kristy’s serious about a new guy in her life

All Kristy wants is a man who wants kids and loves her. That puts the men in her life under a bit of pressure. The TV star hopes for love and then a super-fast start to beginning her own family. We noted that Kristy’s totally ready for motherhood. When the opportunity came along with the Fox dating show, it seemed like an ideal opportunity. After all, 15 men are in it to win her heart. Hopefully, she finds the right guy.

Labor of Love seems a rather crazy show, as Kristy gets to see how the guys handle various Survivor-type challenges. Plus, she weighs up their suitability via sperm counts. Fans can’t wait to find out which man meets her match! Life&Style Mag thinks they narrowed it down. Following the clues, they came up with a few possible endings for Kristy. The four men who narrow it down to include Stewart Gill, Matt Kaye, Kyle Klinger, and Marcus Lehman.

Fans think Kyle’s the frontrunner for Kristy’s heart

Kyle seems the top contender for Kristy. The outlet explained that many fans believe he’s not only the frontrunner but a dead certainty. The outlet reminded readers that Kristy shouted out Kyle twice ahead of any one-on-one date in “episode 3.” Notably, Kyle lives in Austin, Texas. Sharp-eyed fans noticed that Kristy visited Austin last summer. As both of them shared photos of the area within a  month of each other, fans think they spent time together at the same lake.

Another clue that Kristy might play with her fans involves the fact that she didn’t geotag her picture. She always seems to tag the places she visits. But Kyle tagged his as “Lady Bird Lake.” fans also suspect that Kristy might have taken the photos that he shared. Someone did, and he used the hashtag, “#bestphotographerever.” But the lake photos don’t end the speculation about Kyle as winning out on Labor of Love.

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The grand celery clue gets it in the bag for fans

It seems that fans know for certain that Kyle and Kristy make the perfect couple. Incredibly, it involves celery. Yep, that rather stringy veg is as good as a gold ring for believers. The outlet revealed that both Kristy and Kyle posted about celery on their social media. Sleuths noted that Kyle shared a photo and captioned it with, “Celery juice has become part of my daily routine. I can’t speak to the science behind it, but I can say that I feel like I’m better-hydrated w/ a healthier gut.”‘

Coincidence? About four weeks later, Kristy also wrote about celery juice. The Labor of Love star said that she loves drinking the juice in the mornings.

What do you think about these clues? Do you think that fans are on the right track? Or, is a mutual love for celery a bit of a stretch? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.


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