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‘LPBW’: Matt Roloff And Caryn Candler Take No Chances With Face Masks And Shields

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LPBW couple, Matt and Caryn got together again in Arizona. Matt left Oregon after about a three-week stay and returned to AZ. That came at the end of May. Now, Caryn shared they stayed in AZ longer than expected. And, judging by her photo, they take no chances with the coronavirus. Both of them wear face masks, plus they wear face shields over the top.

LPBW – Airports busy again says Caryn as she and Matt Roloff fly back to Oregon

The Little People, Big World couple look ready to safeguard themselves from the coronavirus. Taking no chances, Caryn’s photo on Instagram shows them double-layered for protection. She captioned her post with, “It was a much longer stay in AZ than we expected !! The airport is bustling again and back to Oregon we go with a few extra safety measures in place! ✈️” She tagged her photo as taken at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Most fans of LPBW heartily approve of the added protection, even though it looks a bit odd. One fan wrote, “Looks a little ridiculous with the shields, but if it makes you feel safe, what the heck 🤷‍♀️.” But another fan who went through Chicago noted that these days lots of people wear the shield. Finally, it seems some people get the idea of the danger of the virus. Another follower noted, “It’s not about making you FEEL safe it’s about actually making you safe. Face shields are extremely effective.”

Matt doubled up on a facemask and a shield he went to Arizona

We reported that Matt went back to Arizona after sorting out some stuff on the farm in Oregon. The Little People, Big World grandpa enjoyed catching up with his grandkids again but said goodbye. In the photo where he told fans about his return, he also wore the double protection. In fact, in his caption, he shouted out the manufacturers of the shield. Actually, using the shield seems a very safe option. Medicine Net cited a paper by experts at the University of Iowa. They noted that “face shields may provide a better option” to cloth masks.

The LPBW stars use the mask and shield, so it seems they mix-n-match the options for the best protection. These days, more medical healthcare workers use face shields. One fan told Matt and Caryn not to use them for that reason. But, other fans noted they seem commonly available from places like Amazon. Plus, they don’t need renewing all the time like disposable masks.

One fan told these who complained, “You guys do what you need to to feel safe and screw the naysayers and to each their own. Safe travels!” Do you agree that looks and layers don’t matter when it comes to avoiding the virus? Sound off in the comments below.


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