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‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’ Sees Seacrest Suffer Awkward Fall Trying Out A Handstand Walk

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Just recently, Ryan Seacrest has gained a reputation for taking a tumble or two on live TV. During the June 12 episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, he took yet another tumble. However this time Seacrest managed to break an “ancient artifact” while trying to do a handstand walk at home.

Ryan Seacrest takes a tumble on Live with Kelly and Ryan

Along with many talk shows, Live with Kelly and Ryan is broadcast from the stars’ homes. This was the case with the Friday, June 2 episode of the talk show. As noted by Entertainment Tonight Canada, Kelly and Ryan are live on the show, discussing circus performers. Kelly notes that with circuses closed right now, the performers have to keep up their skills at home.

After watching clips of an incredibly flexible circus performer, Kelly invites her son, Joaquin, to show off his walking handstand. Fans get to watch the 17-year-old performing in the background. He was a little clumsy but didn’t do badly at all. He just fits into the frame behind his mom, wearing navy shorts and a navy T-shirt.

Walking handstand by Ryan Seacrest leads to serious damage

Hoping to keep up with Joaquin, who he calls a “show off,” Ryan also tries out a walking handstand in his California home. In the video, he can be seen preparing for his performance, but the camera pans to Kelly. In the background, the sound of something breaking can be heard. At that moment, Kelly’s face is a picture, as she can see what just happened.

Kelly of Live with Kelly and Ryan
Kelly Ripa of Live with Kelly and Ryan [Image LIVEKellyandRyan/YouTube]
It turns out the American Idol host had tried, repeatedly to get himself into a handstand position. This could be seen on camera. Meanwhile, out of frame, the sound of the breaking ornaments can be heard.

It turns out while taking a fall over the items, two ornaments broke, one of which is an “ancient artifact.” Ryan stands in shock, holding two pieces in his hands.  Seacrest says, “I broke the ancient artifact and the candle.” Ryan explains the two ornaments to Kelly. He says one was a giant Joe Malone candle, but the other was an ancient-looking pot he claims is from Mesopotamia. While obviously shocked, he quips, “Don’t try that at home.”

Ryan Seacrest of Live with Kelly and Ryan
Ryan Seacrest of Live with Kelly and Ryan [Image LIVEKellyandRyan/YouTube]
Watch the fun as it happened in the video below.

Live with Kelly and Ryan star had a recent fall

This latest fall comes after Ryan took a major tumble on the show in January. He was trying to catch a gold balloon thrown to him from off-camera. Seacrest was lying flat on his back, while Kelly and a crew member tried to pick him up. Fortunately, he suffered no injury in that or the latest incidence.

Speculations were doing the rounds recently that Ryan might not return to New York once the quarantine was over. While it is OK doing the show from home for now, obviously that will change when things are clear. This recent report confirms that Seacrest will, indeed, return to New York City and not remain in Los Angeles.


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