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‘OutDaughtered’ Fan Gives Dire Warning, Others Get Anxious Over Busby Family Photo

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OutDaughtered fans really love the Busby family. At the moment, the Busbys all spend time in Lake Charles, Louisiana for Adam’s birthday week. Fans saw him pranking the quints with crawfish, and the girls enjoying the pool. But a photo Danielle shared of the family on Friday got some fans very anxious. Another one gave a dire coronavirus warning.

OutDaughtered vacation fun in Louisiana for Adam Busby’s birthday

Although the Busby family lives in Texas, Adam’s family lives in Louisiana. Adam shared that the family planned a week away with his family to celebrate his birthday. We later showed how Adam pranked the quints with crawfish. Some of them hated the wriggling spikey creatures with snapping claws. But, the adventurous quint, Riley wanted to hold them. In and around the pool, the family, little beaux dog, and relatives enjoyed their day.

Adam looked forward to a big birthday boil-up as the crawfish season in Texas ended. For Adam, the nostalgia of Louisiana and plenty of crawfish certainly made him smile a lot. TLC reminds viewers that he grew up in the state. No doubt, since childhood, he feasted on the tasty creatures. Under normal circumstances, OutDaughtered fans probably wouldn’t worry about the family gathering. But Danielle shared a photo of the crowd. In it, she revealed the five quints, Blayke, and four other kids. Then in the back row, five adult women sat behind the kids. Obviously with Adam, and possibly other men around it looked like at least 17 or more people gathered for Adam’s birthday.

Dire warning from a Canadian fan

Shocked at the large gathering, plenty of fans pleaded for them to take more care when it comes to social distancing. One fan wrote, “Said with love and concern – what about social distancing. Makes me worried for you.” One fan from Canada noted, “You will all die of covid19 cause your government doesn’t care about distancing. Here in Canada where i live security drives by every hour after 9pm. We have distancing no more than 5 people per group. Beach are still locked, [sic].”

Then an OutDaughtered fan, very concerned, commented, “Is your county allowing no masks and no social distancing?????? I read face masks for people over the age of 10 are mandated to wear… what the heck are you thinking???” Overseas fans seem especially concerned and one actually felt “anxious.”

Social distancing anxiety

One person became so concerned, they wrote, “As lovely as this is to see!! It makes me anxious. I watch from the UK we’ve had our flights cancelled for our holiday to the US for our summer holidays. We have been home for 3 months keeping to the rules here. The US is nowhere near over the pandemic and people are still carrying on like nothing is happening.”

Of course, possibly those foreign fans might not be aware of the state of the coronavirus in the USA. But, critics who live there also chimed in. One person noted, “I live where they do and we’ve had a massive increase in cases. Our county judge…ruled 1 step below going back into lockdown.”

What do you think about the anxiety, dire warnings, and concern for the Busby family? Sound off in the comments below.

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