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Does ‘Storage Wars’ Alum Brandi Passante Have A New Man?


Storage Wars alum Brandi Passante posted a sexy snap of herself with a mystery man on Instagram yesterday.

The duo were rocking sunglasses and serious smiles as they cuddled close on a boat together. Sitting behind the mysterious male, Brandi was either sniffing his hair or kissing the side of his head. Now, Brandi was rocking a pretty low-cut top giving her followers a clear view of her voluptuous bosom.

While it was unclear what exactly she was holding in her hand. Fans assume the can in her grasp contained some type of booze. After all, holding booze containers and getting drunk seemed to be theme on her Instagram as of late.

Brandi Passante: Where is Jarrod?

Where is Jarrod Schulz? It is one of the most frequently asked questions in the comments of Brandi’s Instagram posts. But, this is especially true when Brandi shares a sexy snap featuring herself with another man. In fact, there were at least half a dozen variations of the question, “where is Jarrod?” Near the top of the comments on her post.

Brandi Passante, however, hasn’t dictated these questions with an answer in a very long time. And, those who have been following her on Instagram for a while know she hasn’t been with Jarrod in a very long time. In fact, the constant trips, getaways, and parties without Jarrod in the picture is a pretty dead giveaway the duo are not together anymore.

Now, chances are they do interact to some degree. After all, they share two beautiful children together. Among the “where is Jarrod” comments, one individual noted he is probably with the kids. The individual added Brandi is always partying or drinking. So, tending to the kids needs likely falls on Jarrod. It, however, goes without saying that their children are likely mostly capable of tending to themselves as they are no longer young children.

So, who is the mystery guy in the photo?

Now, this would not be the first time Brandi Passante posted a photo of herself with a mystery guy. A photo that sent her followers into a frenzy. A photo that had everyone asking: “Where’s Jarrod?”

Still, the combination of how risque Brandi Passante was dressed… And the way she curled up to this young man caused many to make assumptions. Was this her new boyfriend? They certainly looked like a cozy pair. And definitely gave off more than friend vibes.

“Jarrod looks different!” One individual jested.

Another individual added: “what about jarrod. you are no longer together ?????”

“Where the h*ll is Jarrod?” A third chimed in.

Unfortunately for Brandi, it does not seem as if her followers are ever going to let it go. If she truly wants the “where is Jarrod” comments to stop… She might need to formally address that they are no longer together.

Could the ‘mystery man’ actually be her son Cameron?

Now, things get a little awkward when one follower asks: “This is your son Cameron?”

As those who follow her know, Brandi Passante does not make a habit of posting photos of her children. So, it wouldn’t be too surprising for her to post a photo of her son or daughter and no one recognizes them. But, some just don’t think the photo looks like a mother sitting with her son.

The caption of the photo only thickens the mystery. “Nacho’s, Lemon Heads, My Dads Boat ….” Brandi writes. Has she become a sugar momma? Is this Jarrod’s boat? Is it her father’s boat? Unfortunately, fans have more questions than answers at this point.

So, what do you make of this photo? Tell us about it in the comments.

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