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Why Don’t Duggar Fans Like Jeremy Vuolo?

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Recently, Duggar fans have had a lot to say about Jeremy Vuolo. Jeremy is Jinger Vuolo’s husband, and he’s also the dad of one-year-old Felicity. While some Counting On fans seem to like Jeremy, others have serious issues with him. Why don’t some of the family’s fans like Jeremy?

Duggar fans accuse Jeremy of using Felicity as a “prop”

On some of Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo’s Instagram posts, their followers comment and say that the couple uses Felicity as a prop. On Jeremy’s most recent post, one of his followers writes, “Another staged photo with your props?” It sounds like this fan is referring to both Jinger and Felicity as Jeremy’s “props.” Essentially, when users refer to Felicity as a “prop,” they mean that he’s using Felicity in his photos.

On social media, both Jinger and Jeremy share plenty of pictures featuring Felicity. In other comments sections, fans and critics alike refer to her as their “prop.” They feel that the Duggar couple uses their daughter to make their pictures cuter or to get more attention from fans.

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Counting On fans think Jeremy’s conceited

On that same recent post, fans are saying that Jeremy comes across as being self-centered. One follower commented, “Every photo you post is only to make yourself look good. Can’t even see Jinger’s face anymore. 🙄” To that, someone responded, “Yep. Always has to be the focus.” And, yet another follower said, “so agree. Full of himself.”

There are other followers who are sharing similar thoughts on the new post. Jeremy hasn’t responded to these claims, and it doesn’t seem likely that he will. Usually, he and Jinger avoid responding to the negative comments they receive.

Duggar fans say Jeremy is controlling

One of the more recent claims that’s come out is that Jeremy is controlling. After fans watched a Q&A session from Jeremy and Jinger, they started to say that Jeremy controls his wife. Duggar fans saw that he disputed her answers. He appeared to be argumentative over simple questions and the way Jinger chose to respond.

One Duggar fan wrote, “why couldn’t you accept your wife’s different opinion? This was painful to watch.” Other similar comments followed that one. Jeremy and Jinger never responded to those claims though. The video has since been deleted.

Fans are also concerned that Jeremy might be pushing Jinger out of her comfort zone. The couple made a move to Los Angeles, California. Since the move, the couple has changed their lifestyle a bit. With that, Jinger has dyed her hair blonde. She’s also started dressing less modestly (at least by the Duggar family’s standards). Though some fans think that Jeremy is influencing Jinger, others are just glad that Jinger is figuring things out for herself and branching out. It’s very possible that she made these decisions herself.

Counting On fans think Jeremy seems fake

In a series of Instagram stories, Jeremy is playing soccer with his daughter. While some fans gushed over the cute video clips, some argue that the clips aren’t genuine. They seem to think that Jeremy is “fake,” and they say that he only plays with Felicity when someone is recording it. Not only do they think Jeremy playing soccer with Felicity looked unnatural, but they also think he’s too critical of her, especially since she’s only one year old.

In the past, fans have also commented on how Jeremy and Jinger’s Instagram posts look staged. It seems like they had a photographer take family photos for them to post regularly on social media. This way, they don’t have to take new photos each day to share.

So, do you think that these fans have a fair reason to dislike Jeremy? Or do you think they got it all wrong? Share your thoughts below.

The Duggar family returns to TLC on July 7, 2020, with the Season 11 premiere of Counting On. Note that the premiere has been moved from June 30 to July 7.

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