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Todd Chrisley Calls For Prayers For Cancer-Fighting Fan He Met While Shopping For A Gift

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Todd Chrisley tries avoiding shopping during the coronavirus. He ended up in the hospital with the illness, so he knows how bad it can be. But, he and Julie wanted a gift for Chase as his birthday loomed. So, he opted to go shopping. However, when he met a cancer-fighting fan there, he felt she gave him a gift. He called for prayers from his many fans for her.

Todd Chrisley tells the story of the cancer-fighting fan

Todd’s on the mend now and fans notice he seems stronger every time he goes on social media. When he started pranking his son Chase again, fans knew he recovered fully. Chase and his dad, the patriarch of Chrisley Knows Best, have a good relationship. So, Todd and Julie really wanted a gift for his birthday. After all, they never missed giving him one in the past. So, Todd set off to visit a store. While there, he ran into a fan who impressed him with her love for God.

On an Instagram, post on Monday, Todd said that Mrs. Ann Hazelhurst ran not him soon after she returned from “treatment and testing.” He noted that Ann suffers from “colon cancer” and her life expectancy’s reduced. Sharing a photo of Ann, Todd revealed what Ann said on one of her own posts. Her message said she met Todd and he was “gracious.” They talked about God and the “peace he grants us.” Todd Chrisley said much more about Ann in his caption.

Todd felt blessed by Ann and asks for prayer

In his very long caption, Todd explained that Ann approached him politely, saying that she “wasn’t trying to bother” him.  But, he certainly seems over the moon that she met him. He said, “folks this lady and her testimony…made my life so much richer.” After explaining about her cancer, Todd couldn’t get over her smile. He noted that “the one thing she talked most about was God.

During their conversation, Ann said that she told her kids “to not be mad at God because God has given her an internal peace.” She’s confident about where she goes when her time comes.  Todd Chrisley then asked his fans to “all say a prayer for healing, acceptance, and peace” for… her family and Ann. Then, Todd ended by saying to Ann, “if you are out there and see this, I LOVE YOU, and Thank you.”

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I was fortunate enough to meet Mrs Ann Hazelhurst last week, I was picking up some items @lululemon for @chasechrisley for his birthday, Ann approached me to say hello and what a huge fan she was and said she really wasn’t trying to bother me , folks this lady and her testimony has made my life so much richer , you see , Ann has colon cancer and her doctors have placed a time frame for her days left here on earth , she had just came from vanderbuilt hospital for her treatment and testing , yet she had a smile on her face that made the entire store glow , she talked about many things but the one thing she talked most about was God and how she had spoken with her kids and told them to not be mad at God because God has given her an internal peace like no other and that she knows where she’s going and there will be no more suffering , I didn’t want to go to @lululemon that day because of being around lots of people but I also didn’t want @juliechrisley being around a large group of people so I said I would go because we have never not given our kids a gift for their birthday , but you see, I was the one given the gift because I met Ann and she has made my life better for it , please all say a prayer for healing , acceptance and peace for she and her family and Ann, if you are out there and see this , I LOVE YOU and Thank you .

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Ann gets plenty of prayers from Todd Chrisley’s  fans

Fans reacted to Todd’s call for prayers. Plenty of them wrote out their prayerful thoughts for Ann. One person noted, “This was the nicest post I’ve read in days. May we all have the grace, poise, and peace Ann has shown. 🙏❤️ Many prayers Ann.” Another Todd Chrisley fan wrote, “Bless you Ann for your unwavering faith. Yours has increased mine! Prayers for you & yours.”

Ann’s daughter responded to that comment, She said, “thank you so much for your prayers I’m Anne’s daughter!❤️” Hopefully, her daughter tells Ann that many of Todd Chrisley’s fans now hold her up prayer.

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