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‘Storage Wars’ Fans Express Concern Brandi Passante Is ‘Always Drinking’

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Does Brandi Passante have a drinking problem? Her followers on Instagram certainly seem to think so. And, this wouldn’t be the first time they expressed concern for the Storage Wars alum and her drinking habits.

In October of last year, we reported fans grew concerned for Brandi Passante’s liver. The concern started to grow because Brandi seemed to be drinking or hitting bars and clubs in nearly every post. More than half a year later, it appears as if she’s still living the same life.

Followers call Brandi Passante out on her lifestyle and drinking.

Two days ago, Brandi Passante shared a photo of herself having fun in a hotel with a friend. The duo appeared to be standing in the hallway of a hotel. Brandi Passante had a booze bottle firmly grasped in her hand. The pair looked so drunk they were having trouble standing up straight in the photo. Clearly enjoying themselves, they both had huge smiles on their face.

The caption of the blonde bombshell’s photo, however, suggested she might not be drunk in the photo. It is possible she was just in the middle of the game. Based on the caption, the duo were playing a game called “hot lava” or “the floor is lava.”

Young children normally play this game. It is a game that involves pretending all of the floor (or at least some of the floor) is lava. The idea is not to step on the portions of the floor that are lava. Presumably, an adult playing the game could certainly look drunk in a photo. Moreover, it could certainly make for an exciting drinking game.

Her followers have a lot of opinions on the photo.

Technically, Brandi Passante’s last two photos on Instagram feature her with a booze bottle in hand. It is pretty typical of her social media activity. She isn’t afraid to flaunt that she’s having a good time. She also isn’t afraid to put her fabulous curves on display in her sun cocktail dresses. Unfortunately, her fans are not here for her latest posts. In fact, here’s what they have to say in the comments.

  • “I’m guessing that your kids are really proud of you.”
  • “Are you working sometimes or you just get drunk?”
  • “Always with the bottle in hand.”
  • “I think you have a drinking problem.”

In response to some of the comments above… Other’s noted they “agreed” that Brandi seemed to “have a problem.” Unfortunately, Brandi didn’t seem interested in chatting with those bringing her down.

So, does Brandi Passante have a drinking problem? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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