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Jill Dillard Gets Tested For Coronavirus

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On YouTube Tuesday, Jill Dillard revealed that she got tested for the coronavirus. The Duggar daughter details the testing process in her videos. Jill covers the coronavirus testing process in two short videos, which are under a minute long each.

In the first video, Jill explains some of her symptoms. She talks about how she and Derick were tested a few weeks ago. At that time, the couple’s tests both came back negative. Despite the tests being negative, the couple chose to quarantine for a while. Jill says that they quarantined even longer than recommended.

The second video features Jill being tested. Obviously, this is not an enjoyable process. After the nose swab, she is coughing almost non-stop. From the video, it’s easy to tell that she is uncomfortable. Because the video is short, it doesn’t cover what happens afterward. But, from Jill’s updates, it seems that all is well.

Jill Dillard shares about the coronavirus testing process on YouTube, Instagram, and on the family’s blog. It seems that she wants to educate her followers while also keeping them in the loop. And, they seem to appreciate this.

Fortunately, Jill Dillard reveals that her test the second time came back negative too. She provides an update, saying, “We are all well now, praise the Lord!”

Jill also mentions that testing for the coronavirus is becoming more regular. In many cities, it’s free and easy to be tested for the coronavirus. So, it’s not a big deal that Jill was tested for it.


Jill Dillard’s followers leave encouraging comments

In response to the videos and blog post, Jill is getting a lot of love. Her followers on social media are leaving positive and uplifting comments.

They are glad that Jill doesn’t have the coronavirus. They let her know that she’s in their prayers throughout anything she may be going through. In her Instagram post, Jill reveals that the family is all healthy now. So, Duggar fans are also happy about that.

Fans seem to like that she documented the coronavirus testing process. Not everyone knows how the tests work because not everyone is being tested. So, seeing the testing process may make others feel less anxious. Plus, fans appreciate that Jill is using her platform for good. On Instagram, she has 1.6 million followers.

So, what do you think of Jill’s videos? Do you find them helpful too? Share your thoughts below.

Though Jill and Derick are no longer on TLC’s Counting On, the rest of the family returns to the show on July 7. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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