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‘VPR’ Fans React to Firings, Suggest Brittany and Jax Go Next

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Bravo fired four Vanderpump Rules cast members – including Stassi Schroeder – on June 9, 2020. And fans are shooketh, as Stassi would say. As the news broke, fans took to Twitter to express their thoughts. And we captured some of the best responses. 


Who Did Bravo Fire and Why?

In a shocking move, the network fired original cast members Stassi and Kristen Doute. The firings came after multiple media outlets reported that the duo once called the cops on their black co-star, Faith Stowers. 

At first it seemed like Bravo was planning to ignore the issue until it went away. After almost a week of silence, Variety got confirmation that they were both let go.

Additionally, VPR newbies Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni won’t return for another season. Max and Brett lost their jobs over old racist tweets that came to light earlier this year.

Stassi and Kristen lost their jobs with Bravo because they once called the police on former VPR co-star Faith Stowers. Basically, they were mad that Faith slept with Jax Taylor and hurt Brittany Cartwright in the process. 

Most Fans Agree with the Firings

The pressure from fans for Bravo to act on the insensitive racial behavior grew louder each day. Bravo finally responded by firing all four of them, Us Weekly reports. 

Most fans supported Bravo’s decision. One fan wrote that instead of firing Stassi, the entire show needs to go. While some fans agree that the behavior of the VPR stars is unacceptable, they also feel that firing them all is overkill

One fan points out that firing Stassi and Kristen won’t change the fact that Faith is the only black SURver in the show’s history. Faith appeared on Seasons 4 and 6. But left due to the bullying she received after her affair with Jax. 

Another fan Tweeted that they were done with VPR if Bravo was done with Kristen and Stassi. 


A third VPR fan wrote that it is “wrong” of Bravo to fire all of them for the actions of just a few. 


VPR Fans Have a Suggestion: Fire Brittany and Jax Next

While fans were split over the firings, they united for one cause: Fire Jax and Brittany next. 


Popular Twitter user @lovehousewives2 pointed out that Jax also falsely accused Faith of criminal activity. However, Jax didn’t call the cops over it. He tweeted it instead. 

Jax accused Faith of going AWOL from the military, as well as “grand theft auto.” 

A VPR fan retweeted @lovehousewives2’s tweet with the comment that Jax always “gets away unscathed.” 


One fan shared a sure-fire ratings grabber: a live announcement of Jax getting fired instead of more of the reunion. 


Part 2 of the Vanderpump Rules Season 8 reunion airs Tuesday, June 9, on Bravo. 

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