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‘Tiger King’ Jeff Lowe to Consider Homing Michael Jackson’s Elephants and Other Animals in New Zoo

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In the midst of all the drama surrounding Joe Exotic’s former zoo, G.W. Exotic Animal Memorial Park, People reports that the current operator, Jeff Lowe, has been “offered Michael Jackson’s elephants.”

In related news, Carole Baskin and Big Cat Rescue were granted control of G.W. Exotic Animal Memorial Park just last week.  Consequently, this left Lowe with just 120 days to vacate the premises. Ultimately, the court order includes all of the animals. Fortunately for Lowe, a new zoo is already in the works in Thackerville, Oklahoma. Additionally, Lowe describes the new Tiger King Park as, “10 times as big, and all the enclosures are more natural for the animals, and much, much larger.” It sounds like it all working out for him because he already planned to move.

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Big cats and more big cats expected at Tiger King Park

Furthermore, Lowe says future guests of the new animal park can expect to see “approximately 200” big cats. Notably, Lowe hosts a roster of felines to include tigers, lions, jaguars, leopards, and ligers.  Interestingly, Wikipedia defines the liger as “a hybrid offspring of a male lion and a female tiger.”  These large cats are known to get larger than their parents. Shockingly, the Guinness Book of World Records recognizes, Hercules, a male liger, as the largest living cat on earth. In 2005 he was featured in a Maxim. At just three years old at the time of the article, he weighed 900lbs. When TV Shows Ace visited the park we were able to play with a baby liger. Of course, it was adorable.

Jeff Lowe is considering homing the late Michael Jackson’s pet elephants.

Of further note, Tiger King Park will include other out of the ordinary resident animals.  Lowe shares, “We’re negotiating for giraffes right now, possibly Michael Jackson’s elephants.” People reports that Jackson’s elephants are presently in the care of a man in Oregon. According to Lowe, the lease ran out at the Jacksonville (FL) Zoo and the pair of elephants (Ali and Baba) need a place to call home. Because of this, it could work out perfectly for them.

In 1997, Ali and Baba left Neverland Ranch and took up residence at the Jacksonville Zoo. Ali is a bull African elephant. News outlets report that on June 18, 2018, Ali left his enclosure at the Jacksonville zoo after the gate was accidentally left open. Luckily, zookeepers were able to safely secure Ali with “food and encouragement.” Baba is a female African elephant.

Viewers Netflix’s Tiger King docuseries may be shocked to learn of another connection the late King of Pop has to Joe Exotic. People reports on rumors that several of the alligators that died in the 2015 fire caught on the docuseries were originally from Jackson’s collection of wild pets. That is an interesting twist.

What’s in store for Tiger King Park?

Reassuringly, Lowe writes in a statement, “Thanks to our loyal fans and customers, and the amazing people who work at the zoo, the new Tiger King Park is opening in Thackerville, Oklahoma this September, directly adjacent to the World’s Largest Casino, WinStar Casino and Resort.”

Only time will tell what’s in store for the Tiger King saga. Keep it tuned to TV Shows Ace as this and other stories unfold. Hopefully, Jeff will return to reality television at some point.

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