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‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Wishes For More Love In A Hard World

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Sister Wives star, Christine Brown probably thinks the same as many of her fans: It’s a hard year! 2020 certainly seems to be a hot mess. The coronavirus devastates the world. And now, America’s divided over the Black Lives Matter protests for George Floyd and other victims of police brutality. Christine took to her Instagram page on Sunday and shared about love in a hard world.

Sister Wives – Christine Brown wishes for a better world

No matter what celebrities say about the protests and life in America, someone stands by ready to shred them. Equally, if they say nothing about the protests and Black Lives Matter, hordes of people condemn them for that. In fact, some of them took refuge from all the hate and simply stopped posting altogether. After Christine’s May 25 Memorial day post, she went quiet until this weekend. Then, the TLC star shared a recipe photo. Immediately, people clambered into the comments to call her out for not speaking about Black Lives Matter.

As usual, it turned into a big argument between followers who hold differing stances. But, the Sister Wives star obviously gave it some thought. Instead of sharing her thoughts from one or another perspective, she later posted about love and humanity. In a long post, she shared, “Our world is crazy right now! This year has been SO HARD so far!” Then, she talked about the “looting and the fires,” noting the “shaming,” as well. Christine noted that “perfectly imperfect” fits for all of us though.” She ended by writing, “No matter how we stand politically or socially. I wish this was a world where we could all have honor and trust and hey, a lot more love would be awesome too!”

Did people ‘love’ Christine’s post?

17k people liked the post on Instagram. But some people didn’t like it. As one person noted, the message is great, but some people still didn’t like the post. Notably, she never used the BLM hashtag. But comments then got turned off. Probably, a lot of discord also went the way of Christine Brown. It seems that nobody’s able to post these days without spending hours of thought about how to present their message. Actually it all seems terribly sad, some fans think.

One fan replied to a critic on the recipe post, “you could provide Christine’s fan base with links to helpful websites. Not everyone knows the right thing to say. We know how we feel but the wrong trigger word makes you the enemy. With all due respect, I don’t look to Sister Wives for their position on race in America, I’d prefer to hear yours.”

Right now, it seems that Christine struggles to find something to say with no “trigger words.” She just hopes for a world with more “honor and trust,” and love.” Is that a bad thing? Sound off in the comments below.

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