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‘The Little Couple’: Dr. Jen Arnold Shares Throwback Photo On National Cancer Survivors Day

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The Little Couple fans adore Dr. Jen Arnold and her family. Over the years, the show grew more and more popular. However, newer fans of the show had no idea that Jen’s a cancer survivor. So, when she shared a throwback photo on National Cancer Survivors Day, some of them felt very concerned about her.

The Little Couple – National Cancer Survivors Day shared by Jen Arnold

On Sunday, June 7, when people across the world raise awareness about cancer, Dr. Jen Arnold shared a photo of herself undergoing treatment. She captioned it with, “So thankful to be able to celebrate this National Cancer Survivors Day. Congratulations to all the other survivors out there!” Then, the mom of Will and Zoey said that she took a bit of time reflecting on the important things in life: “love, freedom, & health for all.”

Many fans responded to the post. Some of them shared their own stories about surviving cancer. One person said, “My Mom is 86 and a breast cancer survivor. God Bless you and your family.” Then, another The Little Couple follower explained how they felt alone when they got the dreaded diagnosis. But, meeting so many “strong” cancer sufferers made them understand they weren’t “alone” as they fought their battle.

Fans thank Jen Arnold for her profession caring for people

While the TLC show focuses on Jen and her husband Bill raising their two children, many people also know that Jen works at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Florida. So, with the threat of illness everywhere, health care professionals get a lot of support. Many fans said they felt grateful for people who follow her profession. But, some people missed the caption and grew very worried about her. People wondered if she got cancer again. Others thought she got it for the first time. Others had no idea she ever suffered from it.

Here’s what a few The Little Couple fan said to her:

  • “Oh nooo 😢 that’s the last thing you need. I am sending you some distant healing 🙏 to help in your recovery x”
  • “O my god why?? Oh no!”
  • “Wait you have cancer ??”

Others saw the photo and went back to read the caption. Many people seemed very relieved that it’s an old photo. One fan wrote, “You scared me a second till I read the caption I’m so glad your cancer free and a survivor, (sic).” Evidently, a lot of fans of The Little Couple missed a few early episodes of the show.

Jen Arnold’s cancer in early episodes of the show

For those unaware fans, Jen and Bill went over to India and adopted Zoey. Zoey never settled well and at first, Bill and Jen struggled to win her trust. But, when Jen fell ill with cancer, she spent a lot of time at home. Finally, during that time, she won over her little girl. Years later,  Zoey said that she hopes to follow her mom into medicine.

The Things blog reminded their readers that after her diagnosis, Jen “managed to keep fighting and eventually beat it.” On National Cancer Survivors Day, along with many thousands of people across the United States, Jen remembered those days when she fought for her life. The Little Couple mom shared her post to help raise awareness and to remind people to celebrate life.

Did you grow scared for a moment and think Jen got sick again? Were you aware of her medical history with cancer? Sound off in the comments.

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