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‘sMothered’: Sarah Shares Bizarre Quality Time Pleasures With Mother Laurie

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In a video TLC uploaded to YouTube yesterday, sMothered star Sarah dished on some of the bizarre quality time pleasures she enjoys sharing with her mother Laurie.

Sarah shares a ‘best friend’ bond with her mother Laurie

At the beginning of the clip, Sarah opens up about her relationship with her mother. She notes that she and her mother are more best friends than mother and daughter. “Partners in crime,” she continues to describe the relationship.

Agreeing with her daughter, Laurie continues to explain their quality time pleasures. Laurie notes they enjoy going on adventures and being mischievous together.

“We have a very tight bond,” the mother continues to gush.

This is where things get a little weird for some TLC viewers that have been tuning into the show.

The mother and daughter duo enjoy snuggle parties and sleeping together

The video transitions to sMothered stars Laurie and Sarah curling up in bed together as they wish each other goodnight. They declare love for each other and exchange kisses.

When I snuggle with Sarah it brings us to an inner connection. Words aren’t even necessary.”

Laurie continues to describe her relationship with her daughter Sarah as an “unbelievable love bond.”

Sarah reveals she and her mother have had snuggle parties since as far back as she can remember. She said it was a special cherished tradition she and her mother share.

Sarah takes comfort in the smell of her mother

The 26-year-old also reveals she has some issues with anxiety. But, all it takes is a single whiff of her mother’s unique scent. And, she feels better. Sarah continues to explain what her mother smells like. She describes the scent as a “fluffy white cloud.”

Again, this is when things get a little weird. Sarah admits she also enjoys watching her mother Laurie sleep. Even Laurie seemed to be a little turned off by this revelation. She didn’t know her daughter watched her sleep. Sarah explains watching her mother sleep makes her feel safe because she knows her mother is with her.

“That’s weird. I never knew that.” Her mother reacted.

How could I not know that?”

Sarah doesn’t seem to understand how her mother would not know that either. She added that she sends her mother photos of her sleeping all of the time. While Laurie recalled the photos, she didn’t think they meant Sarah watched her sleep.

This mother and daughter relationship makes sMothered fans uncomfortable

Most describe sMothered as a train wreck you cannot stop watching. The relationship the various mother and daughter duos share makes people uncomfortable. Sarah and Laurie are certainly no exception. Many TLC viewers were quick to voice their thoughts in the comments of the video. Here’s some of what they had to say:

  • “Mom and toddler cuddling ok normal but this is disturbing.”
  • “Omg, where do TLC find all thoose peoples?!”
  • “Best friends don’t watch each other sleep, creepy people do.”
  • “I meannn, I love my mum but not this much.”

Some admitted they were not a huge fan of the show. Describing it as “cringe-worthy.”

What are your thoughts on Laurie and Sarah? Tell us about it in the comments!

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