90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After: Ashley Martson

’90 Day Fiance’ Alum Ashley Martson Gets Fangirled At School

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90 Day Fiance alum, Ashley Martson and her husband Jay Smith suffered from a huge amount of trolling. Their never-ending on-again-off-again relationship just annoyed fans. But, one thing, they at least attempt navigating themselves to a better place. In fact, they renew their wedding vows and work hard at putting an unhappy past behind them. But, it looks like Ashley’s reality TV fame won’t slide off easily. She’s studying again and seemed a bit amazed that someone fangirled her.

90 Day Fiance alum, Ashley Martson moves away from reality TV

It seems that Ashley and Jay won’t consider any new reality TV shows. At least, in the immediate future. Ashley worked as a dental hygiene assistant at one stage. But, she studies now. The Blast noted that she never gave any details on what she’s studying. However, her fans like the idea and appreciate her efforts. But it still seems to make Ashley a little bit happy and amazed when people recognize her. Let’s be honest, despite critics saying she just wanted five minutes of fame, her life really changed with the TLC show.

In a way, suddenly growing a huge influence base and featuring in the media must really change people a bit. Do they ever get over that heady feeling? Ashley spoke about someone who fangirled her. And, she made light of it. But, perhaps secretly, she still likes the idea that someone recognized her. The 90 Day Fiance star mentioned the incident took place in her “online class.”

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Fangirled online

Obviously, with the coronavirus, Ashley studies online at the moment. Sharing a private chat with the user’s name blocked out, she showed her fans what went down. Someone asked Ashley, “Not trying to fan girl, but are you from 90df?” Well, Ashley told them they got it right. On her Stories, Ashley captioned it with “LMAO class day one.” Since Ashley told her followers that the couple stays away from reality TV, for now, it seems she picks up way fewer trolls that before. But, it seems she won’t fade away from memory too quickly, given their controversial scenes on the show.

Over on her main Instagram page, like so many others, Ashley shared her feelings about the current George Floyd protests. She wrote, “This is not okay… Our system is so broken and it’s heartbreaking. Prayers to the family and praying for justice.” Fans responded, and some of them talked about her husband Jay Smith. One of them pointed out, “That could have happened to Jay if those cameras weren’t around…” Well, other 90 Day Fiance fans mentioned that Jay got arrested a few times and came out unscathed. So, it’s not like every person of color dies at the hands of the police.

Nevertheless, most fans like that Ashley talks about racial injustice. They also like that she moved on and started studying. But, fangirls might still tell their friends they came across her, for some time to come yet. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss 90 Day Fiance on TLC.

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