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‘sMothered’ Fans Bewildered By Marcia Who Licks Her Daughter Alena

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Season 2 of sMothered premiered on TLC on May 24. Just a few episodes into the season, fans take to social media and talk about the rather bizarre behavior among the new cast members. While Mary and her daughter Brittani draw many comments as they went off colonic cleansing together, the duo’s not the only one that brings bewilderment to fans. They scratch their heads as Marcia licks her daughter Alena. Why would she do that?

sMothered fans can’t understand Marcia licking Alena

Mary and Brittani shower together. Fans sort of grasp the underlying reason why that happens. After all, Brittani suffers anxiety panic attacks in closed spaces. But they also undergo colonic cleansing therapy together. The underlying reasons for that simply evade fans. And when it comes to Maria and Alena, they express their bewilderment. Marcia licks her daughter all over in the mornings.

In a preview, fans heard Marcia justify the odd behavior. She said that Alena wants a puppy. But the mom won’t “allow it.” Making up for the lack of a puppy, Marcia licks her “all up.” On social media, fans point out that the sound of that licking turns their stomachs. But sMothered fans also express their bewilderment. For the life of them, they can’t grasp what causes that sort of behavior by the devoted mom.

Comments on Twitter and Alena’s nurse

A few samples of what fans said on Twitter include: “Alena and her mother’s relationship is weird. Who acts like a dog and licks faces? Like just the sound of her mother licking her face is f*cking gross!” Another one noted, “I get why Marcia dotes over her daughter. Because of Alena’s condition. Still makes no sense why she licks the girl every morning.” Well, Googling for why a mom might lick their daughter reveals some rather unfortunate non-family-friendly links. 

However, one sMothered fan noted that the Gabriella Elizabeth Marie: Reality TV Reviews channel discussed it. As a bit of background, she explains Alena’s hormonal condition requires medication. Without it, she’d face the possibility of a “painful” death. A nurse named Pearl knew Alena for years. She goes to Marica’s home to administer the treatment. It involves infusions that last for about four hours. So, Pearl’s almost like a family member. In fact, she first met Alena at about the age of seven.

Pearl said that Marica still thinks Alena’s a little girl. Perhaps in her mind, Alena never grew up. And, as Gabriella points out, Alena seems very immature. In fact, she acts like a little girl. Marcia even admitted on the show that she worries her daughter might not be mature enough to make her own way in life. Perhaps the sMothered mom licks her because it makes Alena happy? Sound off your thoughts in the comment below.

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